September 30, 2009

Rusaleynda: Mey Amoy, Mey Amoy (Aling Dionisia)

Rusaleynda: Mey Amoy! Mey Amoy
STARRING: Mommy Dionisia Paquiao

"Katursi: may Magnolia melk pa si Nene sa labi" is really a success. It is an afternoon teleserye in ABS-CBN network which Mommy Dionisia is the starring. And because of her, the said teleserye earns high ratings. Although it is not yet finish, yet there comes another project for her.

Another teleserye that will truly captures our hearts, eyes, ears, mouth, especially nose and or maybe some other parts of our body. He-he. .. “RUSALEYNDA: Mey Amoy! Mey Amoy!” It is the remake of the Mexican telenovela that really hits the Filipinos before years ago, ROSALINDA.

And the people are questioning if who would be the leading man of Mommy Dionisia. Well, the preview banner is already published… and if you can see it very well, that is not certainly Mr. Ployd Meywider SR. It is Preyde Roch!!!! Indeed, a perfect pair.

Watch the two on how they battle each other in the obstacle courses, fighting for their love and finding the true happiness of their life together, and of course with the help of “GRAMYELS”. He-he-he!

Note: This is just a joke! Haha....(peace!)

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