August 9, 2011

CCP Art Exhibit Scandal

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Art Exhibit entitled "Kulo" is now in hot waters after several Catholic groups said that this is irreligious and blasphemous.

As reported by GMA News, Eric Manalang - President of Pro-life Philippines said,

"By Thursday afternoon, we will file a case if they do not stop the exhibit and if they do not also make amends because stopping is not enough. The damage has been done"

According to local news reports, the controversial art exhibit includes images and statues such as:

  1. A wooden replica of male genital in front of Jesus Christ image.
  2. An image of Christ wherein his eyes had been darkened by ink.
  3. Crucifix with condom.
  4. Religious pictures beside women underwear models.
  5. Seated Christ statue with red ball on His nose and a semi mickey mouse ears.


Anonymous said...

Tama ang tinuran ng bawat isa sa inyo ngunit naisip nyo rin bang NA ang paglalathala nila ng gantong uri ng art ay nagpapakita rin at sumisimbolo sa kahihiyang nangyayari sa bansa? Ang La Pieta, si Mama Mary ay may hawak na RH na gamot. Tayong mga tao ay ginawa ng Diyos na naayon sa kanyang imahe. Ipinakita lamang ng mga estudyante na ang nangyayaring kahihiyan sa atin ay nakakaapekto rin sa imahe ng Diyos. Hindi ba't ang mga nangyayari sa bansa ay puno ng kahihiyan, katiwalian at pangbabastos. Iyon din ang ipinapakita ng mga estudyante. HOWEVER, may limitasyon at obligasyon ang mga artists sa kanilang gawa. Kelangan nilang maging sensitibo sa kanilang paligid sapagkat magkakaiba ang pananaw ng bawat tao. Dapat nilang alamin ang maiisip rin ng ibang tao sapagkat ang ART ay hindi lang nman nagpapakita ng expresyon ng sarili kung hindi ay may layon itong magpabatid at magbigay kaalaman sa mga tao sa hindi DEPEKTIBONG pamamaraan. Off the record, 15 yrs old lang ho ako. Ngunit sa nangyayari, maski sa edad naming ganito ay natuto na naming imulat ang mata namin sa tunay na kalagayan ng bansa.

Wally Boy Casuga said...

Excuse me sir, I am the owner of this post.

Can you at least site your reference? exactly copied here:

Regie EspiƱa said...

No amount of artistic license, freedom of expression and pseudo-intellectual art interpretation that they were and still are offering the public, can ever save them from the eventual demise of their career and irreversible damage to their reputation. They've simply crossed the line!

ravrodriguez said...

There is a limit to freedom of expression-it is not absolute. If the novice-observer -did not understand what the perspective of the artist regarding his work-and the observer just conclude that it is just mere disrespect of God-which is easy to do-with the subject matter repeated all over-then it is the artist fault that he used the wrong medium or manner to broadcast his views. C'mon -condoms and genitals are not shown in TV, movies and infront of girlie magazines