June 28, 2011

Virtual marijuana farming on Facebook

It looks a little like the hit game Farmville, but a new game that lets players grow and sell virtual marijuana also looks more like courting potential controversy for social networking site Facebook.

The new game, "Weeds Social Club," is based on the hit TV series "Weeds" and lets players grow and sell virtual weeds so they can —like the show's lead characters— save their house.

The game is based on "Weeds," an American TV comedy centering on a widowed mother who sells marijuana to support her family, but becomes more involved in illegal activities.
Like in Farmville, players will have to keep track of duties like growing, tending to, and selling their "plants" at the right time.

Also like in Farmville, players can interact with other Facebook users playing the same game.
But unlike Farmville, players will get to experience the run-ins of Nancy Botwin, the lead character in the TV series, with problems such as police and organized crime, according to tech site Mashable.

On the other hand, The Huffington Post said that players can get tips in the game from Andy Botwin, another character from the "Weeds" show.

But the game's creators insist the game does not break any laws, adding that it has already been approved by Facebook.

The game is presently in closed beta testing and is expected to be publicly launched in August, according to Mashable. — TJD, GMA News

Real Madrid want Neymar, but not his hair.

By Brooks Peck

Though Santos president Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro claims/hopes Neymar will stay with the Copa Libertadores winning club, some of Europe's biggest clubs are still trying to acquire his services. Real Madrid have been in pursuit for a while now and they apparently like their chances of landing the 19-year-old enough to start thinking about how they can stomp out all of his youthful indiscretions.

According to Mundo Deportivo, one of Jose Mourinho's preferred directors at Real will travel to Brazil to urge the people close to Neymar to change his image. That change supposedly includes tighter control over who he hangs out with so as to avoid bad influences, a warning about avoiding brawls like the one that followed the Copa Libertadores final and a new haircut that shows a "greater seriousness."

In other words, it sounds like they really don't want him to be like Robinho.

Boxing fan files lawsuit against Mayweather

Undefeated former champion boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly ordered his bodyguards to attack a 21-year-old boxing fan outside a Las Vegas casino, according to a lawsuit filed in a US court.

Anthony Cliff, of Las Vegas, alleges in the suit that the bodyguards beat him after American Mayweather gave the "thumbs down" sign when Cliff asked a question about the much-anticipated showdown with Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Cliff claims in the suit that he was attacked near the valet stand at the Palms Casino Resort in March of last year.

According to the suit, Mayweather's bodyguards struck Cliff in the face, slamming his head into the ground. They then kicked him several times in his back and side, the lawsuit says.

Las Vegas police said they investigated, after receiving a complaint, but no charges were laid, partly due to a lack of witnesses.

"At the end of the day there needs to be justice," said Afshin Tadayon, Cliff's lawyer. "You can't have people out there who do this sort of thing."

Cliff says he first spotted the boxer inside the casino and tried to take his photo but was rebuffed by a bodyguard.

Cliff then ran into Mayweather, who is 41-0 in his career, again outside and asked about a potential mega fight with Pacquiao.

The suit said Mayweather talked about Cliff being disrespectful and then gave his bodyguards the "thumbs down" signal which is the green light for them to attack.

"Not only does Mr. Cliff want to see a fight against Mr. Pacquiao, but so do many boxing fans," Tadayon said. "So, it was just a question."

Pacquiao and Mayweather have come close to reaching a deal for one of the most lucrative fights in boxing history but negotiations so far have hit a snag.

The latest suit adds to the list of Mayweather's court woes.

He failed to turn up for a court-ordered deposition in Las Vegas earlier this month in a federal lawsuit alleging he defamed Pacquiao. Mayweather also faces charges from a domestic dispute.
Mayweather is scheduled to be in Los Angeles Wednesday for a news conference promoting his September 17 comeback fight against Victor Ortiz.