June 21, 2011

How Steven Spielberg got Megan Fox fired

Steven Spielberg demanded Megan Fox was fired from the Transformers franchise after she compared the director to Hitler.

The Hollywood beauty played Mikaela Banes in the first two movies in the popular series, but was replaced by British model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley for the latest instalment Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It has now been claimed Steven was furious after Megan criticised director Michael Bay during an interview, claiming the filmmaker "wants to be like Hitler on his sets".

Michael has now revealed Steven – who is a producer on the movie - told him to cut the actress from the next Transformers film, which also stars Shia LaBeouf.

"You know the Hitler thing. Steven (Spielberg) said fire her right now," Michael explained.
Michael insists he was not upset by Megan’s comments.

Megan, 25, claimed at the time that it was her decision to leave the franchise as she wanted a new challenge.

Shia recently claimed Megan didn’t like being viewed as a sex symbol and felt uncomfortable with her role in Transformers.

“Michael films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality,” he explained. “And I think [Megan] never got comfortable with it. This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America. And she had a hard time accepting it."

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is released in cinemas across Europe later this month.
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