July 11, 2011

PCSO - Pa-car Sa Obispo

Sabi sa post nang isang facebook fanpage. Wala lang, nakakatuwa..Hahaha... parang ganun na rin e...wala na rin akong magawa..

PCSO - Pa-car Sa Obispo......Mitsubishops!


Hay nako...Nagugutom na ako..pero tinatamad namang kumain.. Anu ba ulam nyo jan??

Bahaghari Band of Iloilo

2007 - This is an old article posted by 'gustongmagingmanhid' blog.

Bahaghari Band. Standing, Leonard Mabaquiao and Ryan Lloyd Lagon. Sitting (from left) Jerwin Ocate, Alvan Dianala, Phillip Paloma, Roy Balin, Jeomar Gestuvieo, Ian Infante and Frederick Esguerra

The music
Reggae, a music genre developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s is sometimes used in a broad sense to refer types of Jamaican music. It is based on rhythm style; the tempo is slower than ska and rocksteady and is often associated with the Rastafari movement. Rastas influences many prominent reggae musicians in the 70s and 80s.

“We are not Rastas!” Phillip Paloma laughed his famous laugh. Everyone in the group agreed.

“I love taking a bath everyday,” Ryan Lloyd Lagon added which again everyone nodded in conformity.

“You see, everybody can love reggae. It doesn’t necessary that you have to smoke weed just to enjoy the music,” Frederick Esguerra explained.

Reggae song lyrics deal with many subjects, including faith, love, relationships, poverty, injustice and other broad social issues.

Bahaghari wants to speak the universal language of many issues through reggae.

The band
Formed one night in 2004 in a drinking session, nine willing bodies from different bands and music influences picked their instruments and launched themselves as Bahaghari.

“Bahaghari or rainbow has different colors. Every color is beautiful to see but would it be more wonderful and majestic if these different colors merge?” Phillip said.

The band, composed of Phillip Paloma (vocals/guitars), Leonard Mabaquiao (drums), Ryan Lloyd Lagon (guitars/keyboards), Alvan Dianala (bass), Ian Infante (sax), Jerwin Ocate (trumpet), Jeomar Gestuvieo (thrombon), Frederick Esguerra (percussions) and Roy Balin (sound engineer) started doing reggae songs to entertain Ilonggo crowd.

“They are few reggae bands here in Iloilo,” says Phillip, the spokesperson of the group. “We do not expect we penetrate the scene. All we want is to bridge the gap between regions of beliefs.”

Dreadlocks and influences
The wearing of dreadlocks is very closely associated with Rastas, people who love reggae but as they say “Not every dread is a Rasta and not every Rasta is a dread…”. This is true among the group since they are not part of the Rasta Culture.

“This is mainly for fashion,” says Lloyd as he showed his dreadlocks.

If there are spiritual guides for the band, then it would be Tropical Depression and Gondwana.

Gondwana, a Chilean Band has been spreading the word of Jah Love. With pulsating energy and a smooth sound, seven polished musicians are the soul of Chile’s number one reggae band today. Spirit moving falsetto notes, bubbling bass and hard drums, tight horns and guitars with the ability to move with ease in a sound ranging from calypso to hard rock; are the skillful ingredients found in the highly acclaimed Gondwana.

Tropical Depression has been supportive to Bahaghari. Papa Dom’s group has been inspiring the Ilonggo boys of the love and affinity for the reggae sounds. Since the time Tropical Depression functioned as a gateway of introducing reggae riddim to the country, Bahaghari has been an avid follower.

The gigs
In February 2004 Bahaghari conquered the stage of Shellsyd Bar and Resto Grill. From then on, expect a “standing room only” every Tuesday and Saturday nights at Shellsyd.

“We get nervous when the crowd digs us; they can be rowdy, we don’t like that. Though we get excited, as much as possible we remain passive sa reaction ng crowd,” Phillip said.

One unforgettable experience the band had was their gig in Guimbal.

“Kinulong kami sa gym, ayaw kami palabasin because the crowd wanted more songs from us,” Alvan narrated. “But we were happy because the crowd liked us.”

The band is lucky enough to have who they consider as their best in line and lucky charms. Freshly out from High School, Ian, Jerwin and Jomar bring good vibes to the group. With entrance of the three youngsters in the band, Bahaghari started going covers for several national reggae bands’ concerts here in Iloilo, Davao, Manila and other major cities in the country.

On June 24, 2007 Bahaghari jammed with other famous reggae bands in the Manila Reggae Summit. On August 14, 2007, they rubbed elbows with Papa Dom and the Tropical Depression. They also had their leeway of performing with Tribu ni Mali and IndioI.

Bahaghari finished recording demo songs to be included in a compilation album called Island Riddims 2 to be available next year. Right now, they are in preparation for the Reggae Summit happening here in Iloilo next year.

Reggae is synonymous with life. To be aware of the music, we have to go to the roots same way we want to appreciate life. Bahaghari Band is understanding life in every reggae song they play.

Rebecca Black's 'Moment' comes next Monday

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Rebecca Black hopes to step beyond her one-viral-hit-wonder status next week when she releases her second music video, which her publicist says is titled "My Moment."

Lady Gaga called Black, 14, a genius for her "It's Friday." The song and video became a viral internet sensation, getting more than 167 million viewings since it was posted on YouTube just a few months ago.

"It's Friday" celebrated the coming of the weekend and good times, but the follow up is "a fairytale story, but it happened in real life," a news release said.

The autobiographical "My Moment" will feature video from "a variety of real life events," including highlights of Black's life before her instant fame, it said. Director Morgan Lawley, whose resume includes Barbie commercials, also used Black's post-Friday highlights, including on movie premiere red carpets and at award shows.

The new video and single will be available for download next Monday night through Black's website, www.RebeccaBlackOnline.com, and on Tuesday at iTunes and other online retailers. Of course, it will also be posted on Black's YouTube channel.

While the first release was an independent vanity project that her mother paid $4,000 to a Southern California music studio to produce, her follow up is decidedly higher end.

The music was produced by Charlton Pettus, who's worked with Hilary Duff and Tears for Fears. His biggest success, though, might be the theme song for "The Sims 3" computer game.

Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, who penned a Justin Bieber tune, and Quinton Tolbert wrote it.

If you like "My Moment," then you can also look forward to more Black music next month when a five-song EP is released.

6.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Philippines Negros Islands

At least three predawn quakes, with the most powerful measuing magnitude-6.2, jolted the Negros area in Western Visayas, with the quake felt as far as Central Visayas and Mindanao.

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology director Renato Solidum Jr. said the quake was recorded at 4:47 a.m. even as Phivolcs warned of possible aftershocks.

"Most likely siguro dapat disaster manager ng iba't ibang bayan tingnan mabuti. (Pero) kung Intensity V walang damage. Kung Intensity VI ang report baka may damage (Most likely, disaster managers of the areas concerned should conduct inspections. If the most powerful felt is Intensity V, there is not likely to be damage. But if the intensity is Intensity VI, that's the time there will likely be damage)," Solidum said in an interview on dzBB radio.

Solidum said a magnitude-6.2 quake is considered "moderately strong."

He also reminded residents to be always prepared since there is no way of telling when a powerful quake will hit.

"The approach is always to be prepared. We must review our preparedness measures and know how to respond. We do not know when a powerful quake will hit," he said in Filipino.

The United States Geological Survey initially measured the first quake at magnitude 6.4.

It said the epicenter was 126 km west northwest of Dumaguete; 135 km south southwest of Iloilo, Panay; 151 km south southwest of Bacolod; or 576 km south southeast of Manila.

3 quakes

For its part, Phivolcs said the first quake was felt at 4:47 a.m., with the epicenter at 93 km southwest of Dumaguete City.

It was felt at:
  • Intensity V: Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
  • Intensity IV: Oton, Iloilo; Dumaguete City; Binalbagan and Hinigaran; Sibulan
  • Intensity III: San Jose, Antique; Dapitan City; Talisay City, Negros Occidental
  • Intensity II: Cagayan de Oro City; Dipolog City; La Carlota City, Negros Occidental and
  • Intensity I: La Castellana, Negros Occidental
While no damage was expected, Phivolcs warned of possible aftershocks.

Phivolcs also recorded at least two more quakes after the 4:47 a.m. quake.

The first measuring magnitude 5.5 was recorded at 5:03 a.m., while the second measuring magnitude 5.7 was recorded at 5:05 a.m.

Both were at 112 km southwest of Dumaguete City, Phivolcs said.

However, the USGS measured the second quake at magnitude 5.1 and the third at magnitude 4.9.

Intensity scale

In its intensity scale, Phivolcs describes an Intensity V quake as "strong."

An Intensity V quake is "generally felt by most people indoors and outdoors" while many sleeping people are awakened.

"Some are frightened, some run outdoors. Strong shaking and rocking felt throughout building. Hanging objects swing violently. Dining utensils clatter and clink; some are broken. Small, light and unstable objects may fall or overturn. Liquids spill from filled open containers. Standing vehicles rock noticeably. Shaking of leaves and twigs of trees are noticeable," it said.

An Intensity IV quake is "moderately strong," felt generally by people indoors and by some people outdoors.

"Light sleepers are awakened. Vibration is felt like a passing of heavy truck. Hanging objects swing considerably. Dinner, plates, glasses, windows and doors rattle. Floors and walls of wood framed buildings creak. Standing motor cars may rock slightly. Liquids in containers are slightly disturbed. Water in containers oscillate strongly. Rumbling sound may sometimes be heard," it said.

An Intensity III quake is "weak," felt by many people indoors especially in upper floors of buildings.

An Intensity II quake is "Slightly felt," felt by few individuals at rest indoors. — RSJ, GMA News

John Estrada confirms Priscilla is pregnant

Almost 5 months since they got married, John Estrada on Monday announced on ABS-CBN afternoon show “Happy, Yipee, Yehey!” that his Brazilian wife, 2004 Miss Earth Priscilla Meirelles, is pregnant.

Estrada said Meirelles had 3 pregnancy tests and the results were all positive. He said they will visit a doctor on Tuesday.

It is Meirelles' first pregnancy. Estrada has 4 children from his previous marriage to Janice de Belen.

“My wife just got back from Miami kaya bukas kami pupunta sa OB-Gyne,” he said. “Swerte ako, hindi maarte asawa ko pero maya-maya lang nag-uutos. Ako naman, okay babe. Spoiled ‘yon sa akin ngayon.”

Prior to his wife’s pregnancy tests, Estrada said he had suspicions that she is pregnant.

“Siyempre malalaman mo naman yan. Nakikita mo sa physical change, medyo lumalaki na,” he said.

Like other parents, Estrada’s only wish is that their baby will be healthy. But he did not deny the fact that he wants to have a baby boy.

He said he is inspired to work now that his wife is pregnant. Aside from “Happy, Yipee, Yehey,” Estrada is also part of hit teleserye “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.”

ABS-CBN news

Four Azkal members involved in rape (Pinoy Gossip Boy blog)

Accusations of rape against four members of the Azkals are making its round in the internet. Pinoy Gossip Boy is in receipt of rather delicate information against four of the most venerated football players in the country.

The information consist of purported screen shots of a Facebook conversation between one “Neil Etheridge,” most likely to be believed as the same Neil Etheridge from the Azkals and a certain “Paul Weiler” believed to be a PFF consultant and a Facebook message by Mr. Weiler himself explaining the details of the accusation.

Four names were implicated by Mr. Weiler as involved in the alleged rape of a young woman in Manila; they were Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio, Simon Greatwich, and Neil Etheridge, all believed to be members of the Philippine Azkals. The screen shot of the said message is posted below.

A copy of the Facebook message exchange mentioned above is posted below:

Pinoy Gossip Boy neither confirms nor denies the veracity of the above-written information. Furthermore, Pinoy Gossip Boy denies to draw any conclusions based on the above information. Pinoy Gossip Boy publishes the raw information without any affirmation as to its authenticity.

However, it is important to shed light on the character of Paul Weiler. A number of people think that this is among Paul’s many schemes to discredit the Azkals as he has an ax to grind against the football team or the football federation for that matter. Sources say that Paul Weiler was indeed appointed consultant in Germany but was discharged immediately for reasons unknown to Pinoy Gossip Boy.

In the spirit of responsible blogging, Pinoy Gossip Boy does not, in any way, pass judgment on the issue. This blog is open to whoever has a stake on the issue at hand. Readers are advised to take caution and extra care in weighing in whether the above information is true or false. You may reach the author by commenting below with your contact details.

So, do you think this is true or just a black propaganda against the Azkals by a former PFF consultant?

This article is posted by Pinoy Gossip Boy


Philippine National Football theme Azkals is now facing a very sensitive issue with regards to a blog posted with title “4 Azkals member involved in rape” in one blogsite www.pinoygossipboy.ph.

But, team manager of Azkals Dan Palami said to an interview with GMA-7’s 24 Oras that sources came from Paul Weiler and the blog from the website about the said accusation are not credible. He already talked to his team members involved and believed that the issue or accusation is not true.

Other Azkals members said that the issue will not affect their training most especially the game itself for their upcoming 2ndround battle against Kuwait for 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifier.

Five earthquakes recorded in Negros Occidental

At least five earthquakes have been recorded in Negros Occidental Monday, the strongest one at a 5.2-magnitude.

In a bulletin issued by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), it said four quakes were recorded in Cauayan and Bago City, Negros Occidental.

The first quake was recorded at 12:24 am, with a magnitude of 3.6 in Bago City; followed by a 5.2-magnitude at 12:43 am in Cauayan; a 4.8-magnitude quake at 1:40 am still in Cauayan; another at 5:40 am with a 2.8-magnitude.

The most recent quake was recorded West of Cauayan 10:10 am, with a magnitude of 3.5.

“These are small magnitude events that did not lead to any damage,” said Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum.

Solidum said it is not unusual to record several earthquakes in an area in a day.

“This is a swarm of small earthquakes, but we are not discounting the possibility of having stronger earthquakes,” Solidum added, noting that the quakes are not connected to the recent shakes in Japan.

Solidum also advised the public to stay alert for possible aftershocks.

“They should always be prepared,” he said.

---Yahoo Ph