October 12, 2011

Carli de Murga (Philippine Azkals/Racing Club Portuense) scored a goal against Peña Rociera

photo found in: www.golfutgol.com

www.golfutgol.com (google translator) - Portuense Racing ended the game 3 minutes before it reached the 90 minutes and went on to win 1-0 to losing 1-2 in those 3 fateful final minutes. That cluelessness sentenced a Portuense Racing was found with a 3-minute goal and turned to keep the advantage. Faith was the best ally of Michelangelo Alcacer that, despite not making a great game, believed to end in victory. Two plays in 3 minutes, turning and marker making it Cuvillo José Peña Rociera favorable by 1-2.

Started the game very involved with Racing, seeking the immediate goal of an insecure Rivas. After the first attack local chain Dani makes a good play on the edge of the area, and yield to Alex Exposito in the area and the center of it, after rejection of Rivas, is at the foot of the Philippines newcomer Carli, which enters with everything and get the 1-0.

The goal, far from spurring the red and whites, leads them to go with the inertia of time. A couple of distant shots, one on each side, apart from the goal, was the most remarkable of the first 25 minutes. In 26 David Anton makes a very good move by the center, attends Diego and Ezekiel blocks the shot of it. In 29 the referee annulled a goal for offside Juanma. In 30, Chunk is left alone to Ismail and he beats one-on-one, clearing a corner. Ezekiel draws a foul on the crosshead of Rivas, Luis Castillo is another very good goalkeeper stops and Dani has one last chance on a shot from the edge of the area that touches the pole. The first half comes to an end after a header from Villalon, all alone and in the small area that goes out for a little after the release of a corner.

The referee did not want to miss the game without star of it and literally sewed cards to both teams, especially the locals, which showed 7 yellow and 1 red as visitors would show 4 yellow. Although it might seem otherwise in the number of cards, it was a clean, hard, hardly any entries without violence.

At the start the second half, Dani Cadena, the best in the Galisteo David today, has a good chance that rejects Rivas. In minute 6 comes the disadvantage for Racing in the field. Luis Castillo takes his second yellow for protesting the lack who had just committed on a teammate. Luis Grave error that had won the first entry after 3 minutes earlier. The game becomes dull and if the locals trying to swim and eat, visitors seemed able to score. Arrivals to the goal were few and with little danger. It was the 87th minute, changes by racinguista were exhausted and, except for anger with the referee because he was to prey upon the red and whites with the cards, nothing happened remarkable. But in a throw, a bounce-foot drops to the recent sagging Diego Marquez and built it from the line of the area marks adjusted to the post of Ishmael. The goal came as a jug of cold water in the wards of David Galisteo. Racing does not play anything but seeing the visiting team did not seem to be in danger the result when the equalizer came. Three minutes later, the ball reaches the goalkeeper Rivas looks like there is two for two racinguista field, takes in length and Gordi commits a flagrant foul on Juanma that the referee does not see and goes straight at goal. Ishmael goes on gordi desperate but crossing the ball out well away from the keeper making the final 1-2 racinguista, thereby silly face for the whole parish racinguista.

A game ugly, bland, bland, which the Rock Rociera undeservedly got the win with a Racing that deserved to win, but seeing the merits of each other, neither deserved to lose. The reality is that you can not negotiate as much a pyrrhic result in an oversight and that it costs two points or, as in this case, two forgetfulness cost you 3 points. The team racinguista, low hours, now moves Pozoblanco will be played on Sunday beginning at 5 pm. For its part, Peña Rociera receive at bottom club CD Marinaleda, a good time to take a leap in the standings after today's victory in the Cuvillo Jose.