July 31, 2011

Happy Feet 2 - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

By Gig Patta

Warner Brothers Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures released the theatrical trailer for the upcoming animation “Happy Feet 2” on Yahoo! Movies.

The film stars Elijah Wood, Pink, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara and Hank Azaria.

Here is the synopsis provided on Yahoo! Movies:

Mumble, The Master of Tap, has a problem because his tiny son, Erik, is choreophobic. Reluctant to dance, Erik runs away and encounters The Mighty Sven—a penguin who can fly! Mumble has no hope of competing with this charismatic new role model. But things get worse when the world is shaken by powerful forces. Erik learns of his father’s “guts and grit” as Mumble brings together the penguin nations and all manner of fabulous creatures—from tiny Krill to giant Elephant Seals—to put things right.

The animation is directed by George Miller (“Happy Feet,” “Mad Max”). The screenplay is written by Miller, Warren Coleman (“Happy Feet”), Gary Eck (“The Nation,” “You Can’t Stop the Murders”) and Paul Livingston (“Good News Week”).

The film will be released in 2D and 3D on November 18th later this year.

140 people rescued from troubled TransAsia

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine coast guard and fishermen have rescued more than 140 people who were on board a passenger ship that dangerously tilted in choppy waters in the central Philippines.

Coast guard chief Admiral Ramon Liwag says the M/V Asia Malaysia left central Cebu region for Iloilo province on an overnight trip when it began to tilt to its right, or starboard side, at dawn Sunday. The cause of the problem was not immediately clear.
Liwag says the captain ordered all passengers and his crewmen to abandon the ship, which was listing about four miles (six kilometers) from its destination.
He says a private ship, fishermen and coast guard personnel later arrived to help in the rescue. A helicopter was checking to see whether there is an oil slick from the ship.

Azkals Live: Meet the 'Azkals' of Barcelona, Real Madrid

Azkals Live: Meet the 'Azkals' of Barcelona, Real Madrid: "A screenshot of football.cebunetwork.com showing a photo of Real Madrid goalkeeper Eduardo Teus López-Navarro and the Philippine flag at the..."

July 30, 2011

Manny Pacquiao HP Commercials

This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass Pictures, Images and Photos

If I can endure for this minute
Whatever is happening to me,
No matter how heavy my heart is
Or how dark the moment may be-

If I can remain calm and quiet
With all the world crashing about me,
Secure in the knowledge God loves me
When everyone else seems to doubt me-

If I can but keep on believing
What I know in my heart to be true,
That darkness will fade with the morning
And that this will pass away, too-

Then nothing in life can defeat me
For as long as this knowledge remains
I can suffer whatever is happening
For I know God will break all of the chains

That are binding me tight in the darkness
And trying to fill me with fear-
For there is no night without dawning
And I know that my morning is near.

How to remain alert without caffeine

Every office worker faces the challenge of staying awake both during those slow days and when the stress keeps piling on like there's no tomorrow. The world's favorite go-to office stimulant is a cup of joe, and these days it's easy to get your coffee fix. These days, it’s easy to get a cup of coffee. There’s a Starbucks on almost every corner and if there isn’t, there’s 7-Eleven or Mini Stop. But for those who don’t drink coffee, staying awake at the workplace can be a bigger challenge.
Here’s EYP’s list of coffee alternatives to keep you awake all day.

1. Ice Cold Water
Drink cold water. The cold will help you stay awake plus, dehydration can make you feel tired. Drinking lots of water will also make you go the bathroom – giving you a necessary break from the computer or book.

If drinking water isn’t your thing, you can also splash it on your face and pulse areas. This will not only waken you up, but also refresh you.

2. Energy Drinks
Another drink option is energy drinks. Energy drinks have varying levels of caffeine along with other stimulating substances like vitamin B and ginseng.
(Find a nearby convenience store.)

3. Eat Some Food
Sitting at the office all day can make you forget the need to stay nourished. Sometimes the solution is as simple as getting some food delivered. Changing your diet can drastically improve your energy levels. Space your meals evenly throughout the day to keep a constant stream of glucose flowing in your veins. Adding more iron to your diet is one way. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and iron can easily be found in tofu, liver, and oatmeal. On the other hand, you can reduce the meat in your diet because meat requires more energy to digest. If you want a reliable source of steady energy, eat complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat grains, pasta, potatoes and every Filipino’s favorite, rice. If you need something to immediately boost your sugar levels, eat fruit.
(Don't go hungry! Have some food delivered.)

4. Frequent Breaks
Eye strain can also be another cause for drowsiness and sitting in the same period for a long period of time can cause fatigue. Taking frequent breaks should help that. These breaks can be getting yourself a glass of water or going to the bathroom. Not allowed to leave your desk? Exercise at your desk then. Simply stretch your head, arms, legs, and body. Chewing gum can also create enough movement to help stay awake.

7 Tips to a Healthier You
Kitchen Cures

Garci says 'Hello' again.

After shying away from the public's eye for years, controversial poll commissioner Virgilio Garcillano on Saturday finally resurfaced and insisted he did not participate in supposed cheating in the 2004 presidential elections.

At a press conference in Bukidnon province shortly before 2 p.m., Garcillano also urged the Filipinos, including the Aquino administration, to just "move on."

Garcillano said he was willing to cooperate with the administration to effect reforms in the election system. But when asked if he could provide information that could help prove there was cheating in the 2004 presidential polls, Garcillano said: "Nasabi ko na lahat ng sasabihin ko. Ano pa makukuha nila sa akin."

Earlier, Malacañang expressed interest in what Garcillano was to say at the Bukidnon press conference.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said that while the Palace will withhold comment, it wants to know what the former Comelec official had to say.

Garcillano is a key figure in the “Hello Garci" poll fraud scandal that broke out in 2005.
The scandal involved wiretapped conversations (about rigging of 2004 poll results) between Garcillano and many personalities, including a female voice believed to be that of then President Gloria Arroyo. — LBG, GMA News

Romi Garduce Reaches Summit of Carstensz Pyramid

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July 28, 2011

Azkals lose to Kuwait, out of World Cup

The Philippines Azkals gave it their best shot, but in the end Al Azraq of Kuwait was simply the better team, brushing aside a red card on one of its midfielders and relying on its overall superiority to hack out a hard-fought 2-1 victory to wrap up their second-round 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying series.

The Kuwaitis broke the hearts of the 13,000 Azkal supporters who packed the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium hoping to see their heroes overhaul a 0-3 deficit. And while the Philippines played much better than they did in the first leg in Kuwait, it wasn't enough to overcome their opponents' vast experience and superior skills.

Both teams had scoring chances in the first half, and Kuwait, despite sitting on a three-goal cushion, came out looking to score. Al Azraq often tested goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, hitting the goal post three times in the first 45 minutes. The Philippines had the first shot on goal, though, in the ninth minute, when Rob Gier headed a free kick from Chieffy Caligdong straight to Kuwaiti keeper Nawaf Al Khaldi.

In the 24th, a long strike by Fahed Al Ebrahim almost found the mark, and it took some brilliant goalkeeping from Etheridge to deflect the ball and prevent Kuwait from lighting up the scoreboard first. Nine minutes later, Bader Al Mutwa beat Etheridge with a strike, but the ball hit the goal post instead. The Azkals stepped up their attack after that, with Manuel Ott and Caligdong keeping Al Khaldi busy with successive long strikes.

It was midfielder Stephan Schrock who finally broke through in the third minute of first-half injury time, fielding a short pass from Caligdong from the left wing and unleashing a brilliant strike to the far right of the goal. Al Khaldi had no chance of saving it, and suddenly the Philippines was up 1-nil at halftime.

Needing three more goals to win the tie outright, the Philippines pressed on early in the second half, and had an excellent chance to go up 2-nil in the 52nd minute when Etheridge's long ball found Phil Younghusband deep in the Kuwaiti defensive line. The Fil-British striker deftly outmaneuvered two defenders and had a clean shot on goal, but Al Khaldi was up to the task and deflected the strike. Later coach Michael Weiss would call the miss "the crucial point" of the match.

In the 60th, the Azkals gained a huge advantage when Al Ebrahim was sent off by referee Liu Kwok Man for a hard foul. However, despite being down a man, it was Kuwait that would score next. In a cruel twist of fate for the Azkals, midfielder Yousef Naser, who was just waiting for the next dead ball to be substituted, rifled in a shot from 30 yards out that beat Etheridge and found the back of the net. The stunning goal silenced the crowd and appeared to deflate the Azkals, who just couldn't capitalize on their one-man advantage the rest of the way.

The Philippines never seriously threatened after that, as Kuwait defended well and launched counter-attacks often to keep the Azkals' defensive line on their heels.

The Kuwaitis added one more goal in the 83rd, when Waleid Ali found himself unmarked in the penalty box and eluded a charging Etheridge to flick home the ball despite a last-second effort by Aly Borromeo to kick it out.

Kuwait thus won the two-leg tie 5-1 on aggregate, and will advance to the third-round group stage of the Asian qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. While the Philippines made great strides this year by advancing to the second round of the World Cup qualifiers for the first time in history, this match also showed there's still a lot of ground to cover before the Azkals move up the Asian football pecking order. Kuwait's short passing was simply superb, and even their long balls were oftentimes spot on. Individually, players like Fahad El Hanazi constantly outplayed Filipino defenders with great footwork and ball control on solo runs.
"I think we were in control in the first half," said Kuwait's Serbian coach Goran Tufegdzic. "We had many chances to score."Tufegdzic added his two substitutions at midfield in the second half paid off and changed the complexion of the game.

"I think this game and the previous game showed how bitter and hard football can be," Weiss said after the match. "It's a tough sport." The German coach admitted there were just too many lapses on defense, and they allowed Kuwait too many shots. "Our defenders are only waiting and inviting other teams to score. It's something we have to rectify."

Philippine Azkal #16 Ray Jónsson tries to score a goal during the first half match of Philippines vs Kuwait in the second leg of the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers held at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

Overall, though, Weiss said his side played as hard as they could, and sees further improvement down the line with the proper support. "The Philippines is on a very good track, and we will be a contender in four years. But in those four years, we need the proper preparation, we need support, we need money, we need new pitches."

The Azkals will take a much-needed rest for several weeks, before beginning their preparation for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup in March. Weiss hopes to have a full complement of players for this tournament, where the top four teams advance to the Asian Cup in 2015. Before that, Weiss will coach the under-23 team in the Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia in November, hoping to give the country its first-ever football medal in the biennial meet.

Win or lose, Azkals to stay busy after qualifying game.

Kuwait's Yussef Nasser al-Sulaiman (L) and the Philippines' Jason Sabio battle for the ball during their 2014 World Cup Asian zone qualifying football match in Kuwait City last July 23. Kuwait won the match 3-0. (AFP)

MANILA, Philippines — There's so much to look forward to for the Philippine football team whether it advances or not to the third round of the qualifying tournament for the 2014 World Cup.

At least three tournaments are lined up for the Azkals in the next four months that will keep the team busy until the end of the year.

The Azkals were playing Kuwait's Al-Azraq at presstime in the second leg of their second round qualifying series at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, facing a gargantuan task of overhauling a 0-3 deficit before the home crowd.

Regardless of the outcome, Philippine Football Federation president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta Jr. and team manager Dan Palami are both convinced that the team has already made great strides in the sport, coming along way from just ‘minnows’ in Asia and Southeast Asian neighbors to an emerging and developing football power.

“Whatever happens, facing Kuwait has already cemented the development of the team considering that a few months ago we have not imagined playing against them,” Palami said.

“We are actually making great strides in the sport. I think that fact that we’re facing Kuwait, an Asian Cup champion, a one-time World Cup finalist and a Gulf champion, is already a great testament.”

Araneta said fans and critics should not forget that the Azkals, down three places at 162 in the latest International Football Federation (Fifa) rankings have already made a lot of heads turn when they made Philippine history by reaching the second round of the World Cup qualifiers.

The Azkals have crushed Sri santiagoLanka on 5-1 aggregate in the first round early this month to reach the second round – a feat no Philippine team has achieved since the country started competing in the World Cup qualifiers in 1950.

Araneta said the Azkals are set to compete in the four-team Long Teng Cup in Taiwan in September against Hong Kong, Macau and the host nation.

In October, the PFF will host a four-nation invitational tourney with Malaysia and Singapore confirming participation and the last slot going to either Thailand or Vietnam. The event will be sponsored by Asia Brewery Inc.

In November, Azkals coach Michael Weiss will lead the Under-23 football team in its bid to win a first ever medal in the men’s football competition of the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia slated from Nov. 11-22 in the capital of Jakarta and Palembang.

Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait LIVE July 28, 201: 2nd League Game Goes Ahead

The 2nd leg game of the Azkals vs Kuwait will push through despite the bad weather. This was announced earlier after Azkals fans feared the game will be postponed due to heavy rains brought about by Juaning.

Meanwhile, midfielder Stephan Schrock has arrived from Germany to boost the Azkals chances of winning against Kuwait. Schrock, who plays in the second division Bundesliga, was instrumental in the Philippines’ win against Sri Lanka in their second match. It is hoped that Schrock and team captain Aly Borromeo will boost the Azkals chances of winning against Kuwait. Its a tall order for the Pinoys after their foes erected a three-goal lead in the first leg.

Watch the Azkals vs Kuwait LIVE. The Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait match will be broadcast live via:

SkyCable BALLS and Studio 23 at 5:30 PM.
Replays are on Friday, July 29 at 3 PM via BALLS TV
Saturday (July 30) 9:30 AM via ABS CBN
Sunday (July 31) 10AM via BALLS, and on
Tuesday, August 2 at 2 PM via Studio 23.

July 27, 2011

Nora Aunor, now a KAPATID.

German Moreno has confirmed that Nora Aunor is finally returning to the Philippines on Tuesday, Aug. 2, after eight years of living in the United States.

In a live phone patch interview direct from Los Angeles, Nora said, “Nakaempake na po ako. Naka-ready na lahat. Excited na rin po ako makabalik matapos ang walong taon. Sa wakas makakabalik na rin. Nagpapasalamat ako sa inyo sa pakikapag-usap sa mga tao para matupad 'to at sa TV5."

The announcement was made official by Kuya Germs in his radio program last Wednesday, July 27. This ends speculations on whether or not Nora will indeed return to Manila following several rumored arrivals.

Kuya Germs also confirmed that Nora will do projects for TV5, her official network while she's in the country. Nora will topbill an upcoming series slated to air on TV5. Several preparations are also in the works for Nora’s fans day.
Perci Intalan, TV 5 Head of Creative and Entertainment Production said they had long wanted to get Nora’s services. They consulted details of the agreement with her, working around her available schedule, consulting with Kuya Gerns and getting her approval for the concept of the series they tailor-made for her.

Intalan added that Nora signed the deal with TV 5 while she was in the US and is set to have a formal contract signing when she arrives here for a three-month stay.

The network executive said the agreement was between Nora’s NCV Productions and TV5.

“We have been working with artists based abroad, like Alice Dixson, Jasmine Curtis and Leandro Munoz. Alice, for instance, will still be doing a project with us even if she goes to Canada,” Intalan goes on.

They can do the same thing with Nora.

“We’ll play it by ear,” he reveals. “We will be announcing details about Nora’s work with TV 5 through a press conference.”

It will be recalled that Nora was first rumored to be returning to the Philippines last Thursday, July 21. But she didn’t board the Manila-bound plane from the US, even if her name appeared in the passenger’s list.

July 26, 2011

Dolphy’s health getting better on 83rd birthday

Dolphy was in high spirits on Monday, July 25, when he celebrated his 83rd birthday since all signs show his health is improving.

He is looking forward to doing away with his oxygen support system a few weeks from now.

An interview with ABS-CBN's “TV Patrol” showed Dolphy celebrating his birthday with family and friends in his home in Marina, Parañaque. Dressed in red sweater and denim jeans, the Comedy King looked healthier and in better shape as compared to late last year when he was promoting his Metro Filmfest movie "Father Jejemon." Dolphy revealed last December that he was having weak lungs and that pneumonia forced him to be on oxygen tank support.

“At least nag-i-improve ako,” Dolphy said when asked about his health. “Halata naman e, tignan niyo dito oh, lumulusog na eh,” Zsa-Zsa Padilla said while touching Dolphy’s tummy.

Dolphy even joked about it. “Bumalik na naman 'yung kutis natin, medyo gumanda-ganda. Dati talagang bangkay na eh,” he said in jest.

Zsa Zsa thanked those who prayed for Dolphy’s health. “Maraming-maraming salamat sa lahat ng nagdarasal para kay Dolphy,” she declared.

Dolphy also commented about the supposed win of his friend Fernando Poe, Jr. in the 2004 presidential elections.

“Dapat naging presidente talaga yun eh. Kaya Garci, lumabas ka na. Please naman. Nasa iyo ang susi eh,” Dolphy pleaded.

He also asked everyone to give President Noynoy Aquino, who delivered his SONA on Dolphy’s birthday, more time and consideration.

“Pagbigyan natin. Nag-aapura tayo eh. Iisang taon pa lang naman. Siyam na taon tayong medyo tagilid,” Dolphy said.

Eric Quizon, Boy2 Quizon and Vandolph were also at their dad’s birthday celebration.

Ely Buendia died of ruptured aneurysm: NOT TRUE!

A rumor circulated through SMS announcing the death of one of Filipino music legends and Pupils’ lead vocalist, Ely Buendia. The rumor reached the internet via social networks, Twitter and Facebook. The message which says “We Love You Ely.. Ely Buendia pass away, at exactly 12:17am july 26, 2011 due to cardiac arrest bcoz of ruptured aneurysm. He arrived critical in St. Lukes, emergency department, E. Rodriguez Ave. QC. After a Gig party for an advertisement of a bottling company. Pls. Pass to all fans.” quickly upset fans, sending their condolences to his family and friends.

But contrary to what has been spreading, Ely Buendia is still alive. This was confirmed by Ely himself in his Twitter account. “Next time na may magkalat pa na patay na ‘ko di na talaga ‘ko maniniwala.” A message was also posted on the official Facebook website of Pupil, saying that he is still alive.

1 Billion for Coffee Fund

In President Benigno Aquino III's State of the Nation (SONA) on Monday, rampant corruption in government took on a new and unlikely form: coffee.

Luxury cars, expansive mansions and lavish dinners were pushed to the backseat when Aquino, toward the end of his speech, revealed that the coffee expenditures of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR), amounted to about P1 billion during the previous administration.
"Sa isandaang piso na lang po kada tasa, lalabas na nakakonsumo sila ng sampung milyong tasa," Aquino claimed. "Baka po kahit ngayong iba na ang pamunuan ng PAGCOR ay dilat na dilat pa rin ang mata ng mga uminom ng kapeng ito. Hanapin nga po natin sila, at matanong: nakakatulog pa po kayo?"

Filipino social media users, palpably repulsed by Aquino's blood pressure-raising news, took to the web to air out their surprise and disbelief of PAGCOR's spending on something that would otherwise cost just a few pesos from the local sari-sari store.

Aquino's eye-opening coffee expose, it seems, easily eclipsed other cases he cited in his SONA, as the word "PAGCOR" ranked fifth in Twitter's worldwide trending topics list by the end of Aquino's annual speech.

View "PAGCOR's P1B coffee fund raises eyebrows" on Storify

Before coffee, there were burgers

But prior to this controversy around coffee, the same government agency had already been embroiled in a food and beverage expenditure that went beyond normal market prices.

In July last year, it was revealed that PAGCOR, under the stewardship of then PAGCOR chief Efraim Genuino, spent more than P21 million for the chicken and hamburger meals allegedly consumed by some 15,000 members of the police force in just a week.

In an earlier interview, Genuino said it has been customary for PAGCOR to give food assistance to policement over the years, and that the amount is merely an accumulated value for the first half of 2010.

“Installment kasi ‘yan. Kung minsan, nakaka-accumulate kami ng P2 million, P3 million, P5 million o P6 million, saka pa lang kami magbabayad," Genuino said in an interview aired over GMA News' “24 Oras." — TJD, GMA News

July 25, 2011

How To Fix Your New Facebook Chat

Out of frustration of the new facebook chat system, you know - the one that shows offline contacts jumbled up awkwardly with online and Idle contacts - I decided to create an extension to hide all the offline contacts to have a simplified interface which will show only Online and Idle contacts side-by-side, similar to the old interface, with the added bonus of the new search function and multi-person chat function!

Facebook's new chat design has received varied degrees of hate in recent reviews... Most people see this as Facebook trying and failing to keep up with Google's new social network, Google Plus. Google Plus has so far gotten exceptional reviews and gained in excess of 20 million users in 3 weeks of operation, despite being an invite only network for the time being...

I suspect this is the first of many changes we are about to see on Facebook and indeed, facebook chat. With Microsoft's recently acquiring Skype, Facebook is slowly loosing the massive lead it has obtained over the years by two of the largest companies in the world - Google and Microsoft! Facebook will i'm sure, step up to the plate, but in the mean time, do yourself a favor, and download "Fix the New Facebook Chat" extension... NOW!

Highlights sa SONA ni Pres. Aquino

Pres. Aquino: Sinabi ko noon na wala ng 'wang-wang,' naging hudyat ito ng pagbabago hindi lamang sa kalsada pati na rin sa kaisipan. Ang mga dapat naglilingkod ang siya pang nang-aapi. Wala silang karapatang gawin ito. Gusto niyo bang matanggal ang tiwali? Ako rin po. Gusto niyo bang mabigyan ang lahat ng pagkakaon na umasenso. Ako rin po.

PNoy: Sa larangan ng negosyo, sinong mag-aakalang pitong ulit malalampasan ang all-time high ng stock market? Mula sa 20% noong Marso ang self rated hunger index bumaba sa 15.1% nitong Hunyo.

PNoy: Gumanda at lalo pang gaganda ang ekonomiya sa Pilipinas, wala pong tigil ang ating economic team para tuluyang umarangkada.

PNoy: Nakikita naman po ninyong napupunta na sa tama ang buwis ninyo, kaya wala na pong dahilan upang iwasan natin ang pagbabayad. Nananawagan po ako sa inyo: Hindi lang po gobyerno, kundi kapwa natin Pilipino ang pinagkakaitan sa hindi pagbabayad ng tamang buwis.

PNoy: Sa sistemang pinaiiral ngayon sa DPWH, nakatipid na tayo ng dalawa’t kalahating bilyong piso, at umaasa tayo na aabot pa sa anim hanggang pitong bilyong piso ang matitipid sa taon na ito.

PNoy: Ang pinakamahalaga po, nakakaasa na tayo sa mga kalsadang matino, hindi ‘yung maambunan lang ay lulundo o mabibiyak agad. Paniwala natin dati, imposibleng maitama ng DPWH ang sistema nila. Hindi lang po ito posible; sa unang taon pa lamang, ginagawa na natin ito.

PNoy: Ilang taon bang walang saysay na pinasobrahan ang bigas na inaangkat? Dahil dito, umiral ang pag-iisip na habambuhay na tayong aangkat ng bigas. Ang akala ng marami, wala na talaga tayong magagawa.Ngunit sa loob lamang ng isang taon, pinatunayan nating mali sila.

PNoy: Ngunit sa loob lamang ng isang taon, pinatunayan nating mali sila. Ngayon, ang dating 1.3 million metric tons na kakulangan natin sa bigas, halos nangalahati na; 660,000 metric tons na lang po ang kailangan nating angkatin.

PNoy: Ang gusto nating mangyari: Una, hindi tayo aangkat ng hindi kailangan, para lang punan ang bulsa ng mga gustong magsariling-diskarte ng kita sa agrikultura. Ikalawa: Ayaw na nating umasa sa pag-angkat; ang isasaing ni Juan dela Cruz, dito ipupunla, dito aanihin, dito bibilhin.

PNoy: Mayroon pa raw pong mahigit isang libong bahay na natitira, kaya po sa mga pulis at sundalo nating di pa nakakapagpasa ng papeles, last call na po para sa batch na ito. Pero huwag po kayong mag-alala, sa susunod na taon, lalawak pa ang ating pabahay, at hindi lang pulis at kawal sa Luzon ang makikinabang.

PNoy: Malinaw ang pahiwatig natin ngayon sa buong mundo: Ang sa Pilipinas ay sa Pilipinas

PNoy: Tama nga po kaya ang kuwento tungkol sa isang stand-off noong araw? Tinapatan daw ang mga marino natin ng kanyon. Ang ginawa nila, pumutol ng puno ng niyog, pininturahan ito ng itim, saka itinutok sa kalaban. Tapos na po ang panahong iyan.

PNoy: Literal na pong naglalakbay sa karagatan papunta rito ang kauna-unahan nating Hamilton Class Cutter, isang mas modernong barko na magagamit natin para mabantayan ang ating mga baybayin.

PNoy: Wala tayong balak mang-away, pero kailangan ding mabatid ng mundo na handa tayong ipagtanggol ang atin.

PNoy: Malas ko lang po siguro na ‘yung isa o dalawang kaso ng carnapping ang nai-heheadline, at hindi ang pagbawas sa mga insidente nito o ang mas mataas na porsyento ng mga nanakaw na kotse na naibalik sa may-ari.

PNoy: Isa pa pong halimbawa ng pagbabagong tinatamasa natin: Mayo ng 2003 nang lagdaan ang Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, pero dahil hindi sineryoso ng estado ang pagpapatupad nito, dalawampu’t siyam na indibiduwal lamang ang nahatulan sa loob ng pitong taon. Nalagpasan na po natin iyan, dahil umabot na sa tatlumpu’t isang human traffickers ang nahatulan sa ating administrasyon.

PNoy: Dumako po tayo sa trabaho. Dagdag-trabaho ang unang panata natin sa Pilipino. Ang 8% na unemployment rate noong Abril ng nakaraang taon, naibaba na sa 7.2% nitong Abril ng 2011. Ang resulta po natin: Isang milyon at apatnaraang libong trabahong nalikha nitong nakaraang taon.

PNoy: Dati, nakapako sa pangingibang-bansa ang ambisyon ng mga Pilipino. Ngayon, may pagpipilian na siyang trabaho, at hangga’t tinatapatan niya ng sipag at determinasyon ang kanyang pangangarap, tiyak na maaabot niya ito.

PNoy: Ngayon pa lang, nagtatagpo na ang kaisipan ng DOLE, CHED, TESDA, at DEPED upang tugunan ang isyu ng job mismatch. Susuriin ang mga curriculum para maituon sa mga industriyang naghahanap ng empleyado, at gagabayan ang mga estudyante sa pagpili ng mga kursong hitik sa bakanteng trabaho.

PNoy: Ngunit aanhin naman po natin ang mga numerong naghuhudyat ng pag-asenso ng iilan, kung marami pa rin ang napag-iiwanan? Ang unang hakbang: tinukoy natin ang totoong nangangailangan; namuhunan tayo sa pinakamahalaga nating yaman: ang taumbayan.

PNoy: Inaasam po natin na bago matapos ang 2012, tatlong milyong pamilya na ang mabibigyan ng puhunan para sa kanilang kinabukasan.

PNoy: Naglalatag po tayo ng pagbabago upang mas mapatibay ang pundasyon ng maaliwalas na bukas para sa lahat. Malawakang pag-unlad at pag-asenso ng lahat: Iyan po ang panata natin. Walang maiiwan sa tuwid na landas.

PNoy: Tumungo naman po tayo sa ARMM. Ang dating sistema: Nagbabatuhan lang ng huwad na utang ng loob ang mga baluktot na kandidato. Walang humpay na paghihirap, at walang pag-asa ng pag-asenso.

PNoy: Gusto nating maranasan ng ARMM ang benepisyo ng tamang pamamahala. Kaya ang solusyon: synchronization. Dahil dito, kailangan nilang tumutok sa kani-kanilang mga kampanya; magiging mas patas ang labanan, at lalabnaw ang command votes.

PNoy: Wala akong duda sa kahihinatnan ng mga repormang inilatag natin. Hindi po tayo nagbubukambibig lang; may kongkretong resulta ang ating mga paninindigan.

PNoy: Kapag sinabi nating tuwid na daan, may katapat itong kalsada sa Barangay Bagumbayan sa Sta. Maria, Laguna. Kapag sinabi nating malinis na pamamahala, may dadaloy na malinis na tubig sa mga liblib na lugar gaya ng nasa Barangay Poblacion, sa Ferrol, Romblon.

PNoy: Kapag sinabi nating liwanag ng pagbabago, titiyakin nating may liwanag na tatanglaw sa mga pamayanang dati ay nangangapa sa aandap-andap na gasera, gaya ng ginawa natin sa Barangay San Marcos, sa Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Ganito na ang nangyayari sa marami pang ibang lugar; pinipilit nating ito rin ang mangyari sa kabuuan ng Pilipinas.

PNoy: Nakatutok na po ang iba’t ibang ahensya ng gobyerno; nag-uugnayan at nagtutulungan sila upang maabot at mapabilis ang mga solusyon sa mga problemang kaytagal nang pinapasan ng bayan.

PNoy on flood problem: Isa sa mga solusyong pinag-aaralan ay ang gawing kapaki-pakinabang sa mga pamayanan ang pagbabantay ng puno.

PNoy: Pinag-aaralan na rin po ng DOST at UP ang pagkakaroon ng monorail system, para tugunan ang problema sa pangmalawakang transportasyon.

PNoy: Ang mga dating sumisiksik sa siyudad para maghanap ng trabaho, maaari nang tumira sa malayo, nang hindi pahirapan ang biyahe.

PNoy: Uulitin ko po: ang mungkahing ito ay galing sa kapwa natin Pilipino, para sa Pilipinas.

PNoy: Ngayon, sinasabi ko sa inyo: pinapangarap natin ito, kaya natin ito, gagawin natin ito. Hindi ba tayo nagagalak, Pilipino tayong nabubuhay sa ganitong panahon?

PNoy: Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, huwag po sana nating lilimutin: masasayang lang ang lahat ng ating narating kung hindi tuluyang maiwawaksi ang kultura ng korupsyon na dinatnan natin.

PNoy calls on LGUs: Kabilang po ako sa mga sumasang-ayon na kayo ang pinaka-nakakaalam sa pangangailangan ng taumbayan sa inyong mga lungsod at munisipyo. Makakaasa po ang ating mga LGU sa higit na kalayaan at kakayahan, kung makakaasa rin tayong gagamitin ito sa tuwid na paraan, at isasaalang-alang ang kapakanan ng buong sambayanan.

PNoy: Kailangan pong manatiling magkatugma ang ating mga programa. Wakasan na po sana natin ang agendang nakatuon sa susunod na eleksyon lamang, at ang kaisipang isla-isla tayong maihihiwalay ang sariling pagsulong sa pag-unlad ng bansa.

PNoy: Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa Kongreso sa pagpapasa ng mga batas ukol sa GOCC Governance, ARMM Synchronization, Lifeline Electricity Rates Extension, Joint Congressional Power Commission Extension, Children and Infants’ Mandatory Immunization, at Women Night Workers.

PNoy: Bukas na bukas po, ihahain na namin sa lehislatura ang budget para sa susunod na taon. Umaasa po ako na muli kayong magpapakitang-gilas, upang tuluyan na nating mapitas ang bunga ng mga naitanim nating pagbabago.

PNoy: Simula pa lang ito. Marami pa tayong gagawin.

PNoy: Layon nating bigyan ng kaukulang kompensasyon ang mga biktima ng Martial Law; ang pagkakaloob ng makatarungang pasahod at benepisyo para sa mga kasambahay; at ang pagpapatupad ng isang mas maayos na sistema ng pensyon para sa mga kawal.

PNoy: Sinusuportahan din natin ang pagpapalawak ng sakop ng scholarship na ipinagkakaloob ng DOST sa mahuhusay ngunit kapuspalad na mag-aaral; ang pagtataguyod ng pinaigting na pangkalahatang kalusugan; at ang pangangalaga sa ating kalikasan at sa mga pasilidad na titiyak sa kaligtasan ng mga mamamayan sa oras ng sakuna.

PNoy: Kabilang din po sa ating agenda ang pagpapalakas ng BuCor, ng NBI, ng NEA, at ng PTV 4, upang sa halip na mapag-iwanan ng kaalaman at panahon, mas maayos nilang magagampanan ang kanilang pagbibigay-serbisyo sa publiko.

PNoy: May mga nagsasabing pinepersonal ko raw ang paghahabol sa mga tiwali. Totoo po: Personal talaga sa akin ang paggawa ng tama, at ang pagpapanagot sa mga gumagawa ng mali—sino man sila.

PNoy: Personal dapat ito sa ating lahat, dahil bawat Pilipino ay biktima nito.

PNoy: Ang mali—gaano katagal man ito nanatili—ay mali pa rin. Hindi puwedeng “Oks lang, wala lang iyan.” Kapag kinalimutan natin ang mga ito, mangyayari lang ulit ang mga kamalian ng nakaraan.

PNoy: Kung hindi magbabayad ang mga nagkasala, parang tayo na rin mismo ang nag-imbita sa mga nagbabalak gumawa ng masama na kung pwede, ulitin ninyo ang ginawa ninyo.

PNoy announces appointment of former Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales as the new Ombusdman.

‎"Ngayon, may pagpipilian na siyang trabaho, at hangga't tinatapatan niya ng sipag at determinasyon ang kaniyang pangangarap, tiyak na maabot ito" - Pres. Aquino

PNoy on new Ombudsman Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales: Magkakaroon tayo ng tanod-bayan na hindi magiging tanod-bayad ng mga nagwawang-wang sa pamahalaan. Tapos na rin po ang panahon kung kailan nagsasampa ang gobyerno ng malalabnaw na kaso. Kapag tayo ang nagsampa, matibay ang ebidensya, malinaw ang testimonya, at siguradong walang lusot ang salarin.

PNoy: Buo ang kumpiyansa ko na tinutupad ng DOJ ang malaki nilang bahagi upang maipiit ang mga salarin, lalo na sa mga kaso ukol sa tax evasion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, graft and corruption, at extrajudicial killings.

PNoy: Wala pong tsamba: ang tapat at mabuting pamamahala ay nanganganak ng mabuti ring resulta.

PNoy: Tinutuldukan na po natin ang wang-wang: sa kalsada, sa gobyerno, sa kalakhang lipunan.

PNoy: Batid ko po na hanggang ngayon ay may kakaunti pang nagrereklamo sa ating estilo ng pamamahala. Nakita po ninyo ang aming estilo, at ang kaakibat nitong resulta. Nakita po ninyo ang estilo nila, at kung saan tayo nito dinala. Sa mga taong bukas ang mata, maliwanag kung saan ang tama.

PNoy: aaalala ko nga po ang isang ginang na lumapit sa akin noong kampanya; ang babala niya, “Noy, mag-iingat ka, marami kang kinakabangga.”

PNoy: Tao po akong may agam-agam din. Pero wala po akong alinlangang tumahak sa tuwid na daan: Buo ang loob ko dahil alam kong nasa likod ko kayo.

PNoy: Salamat po sa mga pari at obispo na masinsinang nakikipagdiyalogo sa atin, katulad nina Cardinal Rosales at Vidal. Di naman po kami ganoong kalapit ni Cardinal Rosales, pero naniniwala akong ibinuhos niya ang lahat para mabawasan ang hindi pinagkakaunawaan ng gobyerno at simbahan

PNoy: Salamat din po sa ating Gabinete, na walang kinikilalang panahon ng tulog o pahinga, maipatupad lang ang pambansang agenda. Special mention po ang PAGASA, na tunay na ngayong nagbibigay ng maaasahang babala.

PNoy: At sa mga nasasagasaan po natin sa landas ng katapatan at integridad sa pamamahala, ito naman po ang aking masasabi: Pinili ninyo ang landas kung saan naaapi ang sambayanan. Pinili naman namin ang landas na ipagtanggol ang taumbayan. Nasa tama po kami; nasa mali kayo. Sa inyong magbabalik ng pang-aapi sa sambayan, hindi kayo magtatagumpay.

PNoy: Sa lahat ng mga kasama natin sa tuwid na daan: Kayo ang lumikha ng pagkakataong baguhin ang dinatnan, at gawing mas maganda ang ipapamana natin sa susunod na salinlahi ng mga Pilipino.

PNoy: Lumikha po kayo ng gobyernong tunay na nagtatrabaho para sa inyo. May limang taon pa tayo para siguruhing hindi na tayo babalik sa dating kalagayan. Hindi tayo magpapadiskaril ngayong napakaganda na ng resulta ng ating sinimulan.

PNoy: Tama na ang unahan, tama na ang tulakan, tama na ang lamangan, dahil lahat naman po tayo ay makakarating sa minimithi nating kinabukasan.

PNoy:Tapusin na po natin ang kultura ng negatibismo; iangat natin ang kapwa-Pilipino sa bawat pagkakataon.

PNoy: Itigil na po natin ang paghihilahan pababa. Ang dating industriya ng pintasan na hindi natin maitakwil, iwaksi na po natin. Tuldukan na po natin ang pagiging utak-alimango; puwede bang iangat naman natin ang magaganda nating nagawa?

PNoy: Kung may nakita kang mabuti, huwag kang magdalawang-isip na purihin ito. Kapag nakita mo ang pulis sa kanto, nagtatrapik nang walang kapote sa ilalim ng ulan, lapitan mo siya at sabihing, “Salamat po.”

PNoy: Kung magkasakit ka at makita mo ang nars na nag-aruga sa iyo, sa halip na magserbisyo sa dayuhan kapalit ng mas malaking suweldo, sabihin mo, “Salamat po.”

PNoy: Bago ka umuwi galing eskuwela, lapitan mo ang guro mong piniling mamuhunan sa iyong kinabukasan kaysa unahin ang sariling ginhawa; sabihin mo, “Salamat po.” Sa aking guro, Salamat po Ginang Escasa.

PNoy: Kung makasalubong mo ang iyong kinatawan sa kalsadang dati ay lubak-lubak, at ngayon ay puwede nang daanan nang maaliwalas, lapitan mo siya at sabihing: “Salamat po.”

PNoy: Kaya po, sa sambayanang Pilipino, ang aking Boss na nagtimon sa atin tungo sa araw na ito: maraming, maraming salamat po sa pagbabagong tinatamasa natin ngayon.

PNoy conlcudes his speech: Buhay na buhay na ang Pilipinas at ang Pilipino.

Aquino: More jobs now available in the domestic market

Filipinos are now finding more jobs in the domestic market and slowly letting go of their ambition to find employment abroad, President Benigno Aquino III said in his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

Aquino cited during his second SONA the 0.8 percentage-point drop in the unemployment rate in April from a high of 8 percent in 2010.

"Ngayon, may pagpipilian na siyang trabaho, at hangga't tinatapatan niya ng sipag at determinasyon ang kangyang pangangarap, tiyak na maabot ito," Aquino said.

The President, however, was conscious that despite the gains in local employment, the government cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

"Tandaan po natin: moving target ang nasa hanay ng ating unemployed, dahil taun-taon ay may mga bagong graduate na naghahanap ng trabaho," he stressed.

This problem is compounded by the jobs mismatch that continues to hound local industries every year, Aquino said.

Citing statistics from Philjobnet, Aquino said some 50,000 jobs remain unfilled every month because the skills of the graduates being produced each year do not match the requirements of the industries.

To counter this, Aquino said he had called on the Department of Labor and Employment, the Commission on Higher Education, The Technical Skills and Development Authority and the Department of Education to address the skills mismatch. — VS, GMA News

July 24, 2011

Stephan Schrock to rejoin Azkals for second leg against Kuwait

Blue: Stephan Schrock

By Cedelf P. Tupas

KUWAIT CITY—Filipino-German standout Stephan Schrock will return to Manila to give the Philippine Azkals more midfield bite in their second round World Cup Qualifying clash against powerhouse Kuwait.

Azkals manager Dan Palami confirmed that Schrock, who was suspended for the first leg, will be arriving tomorrow, two days before the return match against the Kuwaitis at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila.

“He will be a big boost to the team,” Palami said of Schrock, who was a key figure in the first-round win over Sri Lanka.

Schrock’s presence is vital for the Azkals, who may continue to miss the services of midfielders Paul Mulders (injury) and Jerry Lucena (club commitments).

Aly Borromeo is also expected to return after serving his suspension. He was seen taking notes during the first game against Kuwait from the grandstand.

Palami agreed with coach Michael Weiss that the 0-3 deficit may be too big to overcome on aggregate. But the two Azkals officials remain hopeful of an upset.

“We have a tough job in Manila because of that 0-3 deficit,” said Palami. “If only we could have a complete lineup for Manila.”

“Anything is still possible if we get an early goal and with the crowd behind us,” said Weiss.


July 23, 2011

Weiss vouches for Azkals’ PH status: They’re Filipinos

By Ronnie Nathanielsz
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine Azkals’ coach Michael Weiss is upset over insinuations in Kuwait that seven players on the Philippine team were granted Philippine citizenship so they could play for the national team.
When asked about it by an Arab reporter, a peeved Weiss answered: “Every single player in the Philippine team is either pure Filipino or their father or mother came from the Philippines, so there are no imported players.”

“Whether they grew up in Europe or the Philippines doesn’t matter; they are Filipinos. If I compared the players of Qatar for example, I see many black players and I don’t know whether they are all pure Qataris. One thing is sure; all of our players can play legally in the Philippine national team,” he added.

Kuwait Times staff writer Ben Garcia reported that the Azkals coach was “clearly irked about the raising of the players nationality issue.”

He quoted Weiss as saying: “I think we have to deal with the players with respect and in fact I don’t want to deal with the subject because it hurts me personally, since my wife is from Japan and we have two kids. I don’t want them to be called half-half; they are human beings and they deserve respect as we have. For me, what is important is that they have an absolute right to play with their country’s national team.”

Emilio “Chieffy” Caligdong, a known left-winger for the Philippine team, said that the team is no longer worried about the Kuwaiti weather.

“We already adjusted to the weather as far as we’re concerned,” he said, adding, “it was really hot, but we had two practice sessions already and we hope to give our best tomorrow.”

Asked whether the Philippines team had studied the playing strategies and techniques of the Kuwaiti teams, Caligong responded: “Yes we did, we watched their games carefully many times.”

FIFA bans bin Hammam, one-time presidential challenger, for life

(CNN) -- Soccer's global governing body on Saturday banned for life a man for what they called his actions, months earlier, to use bribes to be elected as its top executive.

The ethics committee for FIFA announced it was banning Mohamed bin Hammam from "taking part in any kind of football-related activity" nationally or internationally for life, the organization stated on its website. It was one of a number of such suspensions handed down this weekend by the committee, which is chaired by Petrus Damaseb of Namibia.

The ex-head of the Asian Football Confederation had been suspended pending an investigation on May 29, having been accused of trying to buy votes in his bid to win the July 1 election against incumbent Sepp Blatter.

He has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, writing on website Friday that "the evidence presented against me are weak and unsubstantiated."

"They are flimsy and will not stand up to scrutiny in any court of law; that has been clear throughout this process and it remains to be so," wrote bin Hammam, who had been a member of FIFA's executive committee.

Bin Hammam withdrew from the presidential election in the wake of the accusations, leaving no challengers for the 75-year-old Blatter as he cruised to his election for a fourth term.

The Qatari, 62, had been a major influence in his home nation's surprising victory in winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup finals.

He had been accused of illicitly plotting with Jack Warner, a former head of the soccer organization in North and Central America and the Caribbean. The investigation against Warner, who faced similar charges to bin Hammam, were dropped -- under the presumption of innocence -- after the Trinidian resigned in June.

In addition to bin Hammam, FIFA's ethics committee formally warned the man who had raised the bribery allegations against the Qatari.

Chuck Blazer, also an executive committee member, was warned for comments that he'd made on May 30 during a meeting in Zurich in which he suggested some Caribbean Football Union members were "under investigation." FIFA, on its website, noted that this claim was not true.

FIFA's ethics committee on Saturday did ban two members of of that same Caribbean organization -- Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester -- from taking part in any soccer-related activity for one year.

The Philippine Azkals Defeated by Kuwait, 3-0, in Their First Match

Truly, the Philippine Azkals are the underdogs. Kuwait is just too tough for them, especially in the second half. The defense was awesome that the Azkals had a hard time controlling the ball. Their passes were mostly deflected by the Al-Azraq defenders.

Three goals against none is just an enough reason the Azkals really had a hard time against Kuwait in front of 5000 Filipino fans. However, they still have another chance in their second match on July 28 here in the Philippines.

Yousef Naser scored Kuwait’s lone goal in the 17th of the first half after 2 missed chances by the Azkals.

The second half became tougher. The game went more physical. The Philippine Azkals could not just contend with Al-Azraq’s solid defense, awesome attacks and good ball positioning. Kuwait again scored in the second half courtesy of Mesad Nasa and Fahed El-Ibrahim.

But things are not over yet for the Philippine Azkals. They only needed to on top by four or more in the second leg to qualify for the third round.

This is so far the furthest and highest achievement of the country in the field of football.

Hacker group strikes again, wishes Aquino good luck at SONA

After attacking the website of the Office of the Vice President (OVP) Friday, a hacker group hit another government website early Saturday, and left a message for President Benigno Aquino III.

The group, calling itself PrivateX, attacked the site of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), then wished Aquino good luck in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) this coming Monday.
A screenshot of the FDA website after it was attacked by a group that hacked the OVP website.
GMA News

PrivateX, the hacker group that attacked the OVP website Friday, hit the FDA website the next day and left a "good luck" message to President Aquino for his State of the Nation Address on Monday.GMA News

“GoodLuck to SONA PNOY," the group said in a popup message that greeted visitors to the FDA website before dawn Saturday. PNOY (short for President Noy) is Aquino’s nickname.

It was not immediately clear if the message was a taunt to Aquino as the hack came a month after Malacañang hinted it will make a security review of government websites.

The idea to review security stemmed from attacks on government websites by the hacker group Philker.

Last June 14, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the National Security Adviser “is studying the creation of a task force to undertake a security review of government websites."

In Saturday’s attack on the FDA website, visitors were greeted with a series of popup messages similar to those in Friday’s attack on the OVP website.

The messages in the FDA attack included “Sorry, not intended hacked... i swear.PrivateX," “guess who?rhodzx labzx" and “I will be always here..~MJM~."

But in some cases, the popup messages triggered “VBS malware-gen" alerts from antivirus software, indicating the possibility that malware may have been planted on the hacked site.

After clicking on the popup messages, visitors to the FDA site were then redirected to a web page where the hackers expressed support for the AntiSec movement.

The AntiSec movement, started by hacktivist group Anonymous and joined by Lulz Security, seeks to attack government and corporate sites and leak their information online.

“We do support Antisec movement that originated with the hackers Anonymous and Lulzsec," PrivateX said in the redirected site on Pastehtml.com.

It “assured" the FDA site administrator that no data was taken during the hack, but added government “needed" the attack.

“We are not trying to destroy government websites but you need this," it said.
The group even wished nursing board examinees “good luck."

Visitors trying to leave the site were also greeted with a popup message saying “see you again." — LBG, GMA News

July 22, 2011

Romi Garduce in summiting the "7 Continents' Highest Peaks" with GMA-7

Romi Garduce - Garduch to his mountaineering friends - is a pride of the Philippines. Aside from being one of the first Filipinos to climb Mt. Everest in May 2006, he has climbed alpine mountains from all over the world. His notable climbs are those in the Seven Summits' list: the seven highest mountains on each of the seven continents. In order of his conquests: Kilimanjaro - Africa (2002); Aconcagua - South America (2005), Everest - Asia (2006), Elbrus - Europe (2007), and McKinley or Denali Peak - North America (2008).

Sir Romy, who turns 40 in 2009, is a member of the UP Mountaineers and works as an IT consultant in Proctor & Gamble Philippines. (PinoyMountaineer.Com)

Broadcast company GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) supports veteran mountain climber Romi Garduce in his quest to be the First Pinoy to have scaled and summited the seven highest mountains in seven continents.

GMA's "Seven Summits Expedition of 2011" will capture Garduce as he climbs the last two mountains before attaining the prestigious Seven Summits record in Mountaineering.

To date, he has successfully climbed six of the famous seven peaks: Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (2002); Mt. Aconcagua in South America (2005); Mt. Everest in the Asian continent (2006); Mt. Elbrus in Europe (2007); the Denali Peak in North America (2008); and Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia (December 2008).

This July, Garduce furthers his quest by climbing the 16,023-foot Carstenz Pyramid in Indonesia. Carstenz, the tallest mountain in the Australasia/Oceanea geographical region is considered a more challenging climb by seasoned mountaineers and is the alternative to Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia.

By climbing both peaks, Garduce joins an elite group of mountaineers to achieve this feat and is prime to complete his Seven Summits campaign in Antarctica later this year.

Since 1991 Garduce espoused environmentalism through close encounters with Mother Earth as a member of the University of the Philippines Mountaineers (UPM). And two decades after his first climb, Garduce continues to raise awareness for the environment through his treks.

"The expedition is a testament that we Filipinos value our tenancy on Earth. This is also my serious attempt to put the Philippine flag on this world renowned record," Garduce said.

A mountaineer for almost half his life, he knows the rigor of preparing for a climb, which takes much longer than staying on the summit. "It takes more than competence and training to be a winner in this adventure sport. We derive meaning only if we back the summit with a cause," he added.

By December, Garduce will end his 10-year odyssey by attempting to conquer the formidable Vinson Massif—a 16,067-foot mountain near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula in harsh below-zero temperatures—and would become the first Filipino to successfully climb the world's Seven Summits.

Catch a detailed account of Garduce's expedition this July and December 2011 as GMA News and Public Affairs takes the lead in adventure sports coverage.

by: PEP

July 21, 2011

Hometown Online Visiting

Filipinos who have long been away from their country can virtually "return home" through the popular social networking site Facebook.

The online pages have become venues for prospective "balikbayans" who want to be updated on happenings in the places they had left for work abroad or for good. They may give comments and suggestions on how their hometowns may improve.

"San Vicente is a little community in the Philippines, on the main island of Luzon, 350 kilometers south of Manila," reads a Facebook account of the town of San Vicente in Camarines Norte in welcoming "fan" or "friend" to view and post.

As of July 10, the page has been "liked" by 462 people, including the town's mayor, Joseph Stanley Alegre. Persons who "like" the page can post.

Hundreds of people with roots in the small municipality have already posted.

"I miss Mananap," says one Facebook user, referring to a village that has a waterfall.

"Then go here so you won't miss it," the page administrator tells the user.

The conversation goes on and on until the discussion boils down to the fiesta and the reunion of users who have liked the page.

Also posted are photos of tourist attractions or landmarks that, evidently, make people long for their hometown more.

In the Facebook page of Daet in Camarines Norte, one user says, "I am proud I am from Daet where the Bagasbas Beach, the number one surfing destination in Bicol, is found."

But he was quick to say that he was missing his hometown. The user works as a management trainee in a food company in Qatar.

In the page of Milagros, Masbate, many persons are exclaiming love for their hometown.
"How is there in our place?" asks a user, who works as a security guard in Malabon City.

"I feel sad that I have to leave Milagros soon after the town fiesta. I miss the place," says another, who is working in a health facility in Quezon City.

Progress check
In the Facebook page of San Ramon, Uson, Masbate, many have expressed gladness over the progress of the barangay in a photo of two traders on board a motorcycle that is overloaded with what appears to be farm produce.

"I salute San Ramon for the development," comments one user, an interior designer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"The people in San Ramon are lucky now. In my time, it's hard because the road is very bad," replies another.

In the page "Cawayan Masbate Watch," one user posts: "I really miss my birthplace ... But I'm counting the days to be there again! Hope that it will be soon ..."

"How are you Pio V. Corpus. My birthplace," says a user in the Facebook page of Pio V. Corpuz who is now living in San Diego, California.

"Wow, I miss the place. Maybe five years from now, I'll go there on a vacation," says another now residing in Cebu City.

Home soon
The Facebook page of the town of Balud, Masbate-the westernmost town of Bicol-is full of posts from persons missing the far-flung town.

"Things have changed in Balud. I'm missing it," says one user.

"Balud, I'll be home soon. I've been gone for almost three years. You have changed much," says another.

Still another commented that he suddenly missed his hometown upon seeing a photo of its pasture lands. He now lives in Calamba City in Laguna.

In the Facebook page of San Fernando, Masbate, one user tells all other persons who like the page "The only thing that changed in San Fernando is the mayor [who runs it]."

Richard Gacu, 24, of Talisay, Camarines Norte, who has been a Facebook user since last year, "liked" the page of Camarines Norte in May.

"I did it because I am proud of my hometown," he said. He now works as a documentation officer in Metro Manila.

Dustin Sierra, 21, the administrator of the Facebook page "Tamban Camarines Sur" said he created the page to update all those who were born in and spent a part of their lives in Tamban on what has happened in the place long after they left.

"It is also meant to update them on important local developments."

The page, he said, was for those who who had ties to Tamban who were missing their families, looking for childhood playmates, craving for native fares and missing the good times of the bygone years.

Anyone who is not a minor can create and administer a page in Facebook, the social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin in 2004.

As of July 2011, it has at least 750 million active users around the world.

Philippines seen to remain No. 3 in global outsourcing

Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - The Philippines is seen holding on to the third spot in the global offshoring market, with revenue for the year expected to reach $10.7 billion for a 7.4-percent share of the market.

According to Canada-based research firm XMG Global, India will continue to be the world leader, with an estimated global take of $61.5 billion, or 42.5 percent of offshoring revenue in 2011.

China will come in second with a 31.5-percent share of the pie and $45.7 billion in offshoring revenue.

XMG Global forecasts the global offshoring market to hit $144.8 billion this year. Including onshoring, the overall outsourcing market should register $464 billion in revenue, 9.2 percent better than the $425 billion posted a year ago.

According to XMG Global's mid-year report on the global outsourcing market, industry players in the Philippines and India had started to feel the adverse effects of the weak dollar. Both countries were highly dependent on their United States-based clients for their revenues.
"The US economy, which remains to be a large market for offshoring, is still on the road to recovery with a forecasted 2011 (gross domestic product) growth rate of 2.6 percent, slowing down from last year's 2.9 percent," said XMG Global chief analyst Lauro Vives.

Chinese outsourcing service providers, meanwhile, were hardly swayed, as most of them relied more on East Asian clients such as Korea and Japan. Even the Japan crisis had little effect on China's outsourcing revenue, despite the temporary halt in the implementation of some outsourcing contracts from Japan.

"The disaster may, in fact, open more opportunities, as Japanese companies consider increasing offshoring contracts for non-core operations to reduce business risk," XMG Global said.
According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines' Road Map 2011-2016, revenues from information technology and business process outsourcing in the country could hit at least $20 billion by 2016 and even as high as $25 billion with stronger public-private partnership.

A $20-billion industry could provide employment to as many as 900,000 individuals. A $25-billion industry, on the other hand, could give jobs to as many as 1.3 million people.

Fighting draw will be huge for Azkals against Kuwait

A victory will be “massive” but a fighting draw against Kuwait will also be enough for the Philippine Azkals to leave this oil-rich country with a big measure of satisfaction.

As heavy underdogs in their second-round World Cup Qualifying clash, the Azkals are opting for a more conservative approach that could turn Saturday night’s match into a cagey encounter at the Mohammed El-Hammad Stadium in Hawalli.

“A 1-1 or 0-0 result will be huge for us,” skipper Aly Borromeo said. “If we let them whip us here, then the series is over. We are more worried about the first leg (on Saturday). It will set the tone for our home leg.”

The Azkals will have their turn hosting the Kuwaitis on July 28 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. Tickets for the match are reportedly sold out.

For now, though, the focus is on neutralizing a vaunted Kuwaiti attack, which is enjoying a high level of confidence following impressive victories over Iraq and Saudi Arabia in a four-nation tournament in Jordan last week.

Borromeo said the pressure is on Kuwait to deliver a comprehensive win before its home fans.
“We’re always underdogs, so we’re not under pressure,” said the skipper, who is still awaiting the final decision on his one-game suspension for getting two yellow cards in the first-round win over Sri Lanka.

Though deprived of a complete lineup, Azkals coach Michael Weiss said he’s pleased with the buildup of his squad.

Leftback Ray Jonsson, who missed the Sri Lanka tie, was expected to arrive here yesterday, while goalkeeper Neil Etheridge will fly in on Friday.

“I’m quite content,” said Weiss. “I think that the boys are now counting the hours toward the match. As they say in England, it’s a massive match. It will give us an idea where we stand and I’m quite positive we can do well if we play the way we want to play.”

Weiss’ confidence stems from the fact that they have scouted the Kuwaitis well. “We have studied the opponent very carefully,” Weiss said. “The players know exactly what they are dealing with.”

The German mentor also shrugged off earlier fears that the warm weather here would pose a problem for his team, after supervising their first training Wednesday night where temperatures hovered from 32 to 38 degrees.

“It’s even more pleasant that the heat is not an issue,” said Weiss. “If (Wednesday night’s weather) is the same on Saturday, we would be fine.”

Kickoff is scheduled at 7 p.m. on Saturday (12 midnight Sunday in Manila).

Weiss acknowledged that a perfect execution of the game plan will be needed to stymie Kuwait.
“We have to be aggressive and tight and not let them start their game. That’s a thing that takes 90 minutes and we’ve seen before, small mistakes get punished immediately. They will not allow us to switch off our computer, as I always say, for one second.”

By Cedelf P. Tupas

CBCP Website Hacked

A website of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines was defaced anew Thursday, the third time since November 2010.

Visitors to the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Health Care website Thursday afternoon were greeted with an image of a gagged person, with a black background.

"Hacked ... By:ASEROH ... You Must Be Better ... In The Next Time :)" read the message on the defaced site (www.cbcphealthcare.org).

The title bar of the browser window or tab displaying the defaced site read, "HackEd By ASEROH <~ Don't Stop."

The defacing came less than a week before pro-life groups were to hold a "Congress of the Faithful" on Monday, hours before President Benigno Aquino III delivers his second State of the Nation Address.

However, the defaced site had no indication it was directed at the planned gathering. While the CBCP is against the reproductive health bill, its health care commission is more involved in health care than in "pro-life" activities.

It was the third time the site was defaced since November 2010.

On November 27, 2010, the site was defaced hours before a major pro-life Catholic group was to hold a vigil against the RH bill.

At the time, visitors to the site were greeted by an image of a man with his back turned to the viewer.

"HackEd BY LordDem0n EgYpT!0n - H4Ck3r ... Your Security Can Not Face Us !!!" read the message on the defaced website.

In some instances, the defaced home page even prompted visitors to download a plug-in.

Last June 9, the site was again defaced, with visitors greeted with the message "DEATH_K1ng." — TJD, GMA News

July 20, 2011

Brian Viloria wins in unanimous decision

By Mike Cherry

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) – Despite sporting a 2-inch cut above his right eye that swelled by the second, Brian Viloria (29-3) couldn't have been happier Saturday night. The Waipahu native defeated Julio Cesar Miranda by unanimous decision for the WBO Flyweight championship in a fight that went the full 12 round distance.

Roughly 90-seconds into round one, Viloria struck the first resounding blow, sending Miranda to the canvas in what would be the fight's only knock down of the night. As it turned out, it set the tone for the "Hawaiian Punch" as well.

"That felt great," admitted Viloria.

"I didn't expect it to happen. But, you know, I didn't want to get myself overly confident. That's how you have to take a look at it, and be like, alright I got this and give yourself enough time to lay back just a little bit."

Viloria did anything but relax.

Unlike his last championship bout versus Carlos Tamara (a fight that saw Viloria unable to answer the 12th round bell, thus forfeiting his IBF light flyweight title, despite leading in the judge's score card), Viloria was determined to go the distance.

And he did with the help of a raucous crowd who chanted his name in every round.

"I needed to dig down deep in those last couple of rounds and just hearing everyone's chant took me over that. Those are the type of fights that just energizes you. The people out here...I love them."

When the final bell sounded Viloria's hand was raised in victory as he claimed the WBO flyweight championship, the 3rd title of his pro career. And maybe the best of them all.

"I think it was more proving to myself," said Viloria. "Proving to myself that I still belong on the world caliber stage. Losing the title the way I did in Manila, it sets you back a little bit. This is...I think....sweeter than my first two world titles."

Emma Watson Landing New Role

Having just wrapped up a modern day fantasy of epic proportions, Emma Watson is reportedly eyeing a more classic land of make believe for one of her next projects.

"Crazy, Stupid, Love.," producer Denise Di Novi told ComingSoon.net that Watson is lined up to star in director Guillermo Del Toro's new adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," which Di Novi is developing. It'd be the first undisputed lead role for Watson; she's due to star in the ensemble of the teen drama adaptation, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and has a supporting role in the Michelle Williams-starring "My Week With Marilyn."

What it means for Brown's studies -- she plans on going to Oxford this fall -- remains to be seen.

Watson told Vogue in June that she identified so deeply with her Hermione Granger character that, "I'm literally rediscovering what it means to be an actress.

- Jordan Zakarin

Azkals travel to Kuwait reeling from two defeats


THE Philippine Azkals left Bahrain yesterday for Kuwait and the opening leg of their Asian World Cup qualifiers on Saturday at the 20,000-capacity Mohammad Al Hamad Stadium in the commercial district of Hawally.

The Filipinos will go into the match smarting from two defeats inflicted by Bahrain’s Under-23 Olympic team, including a 1-3 loss in front of a capacity crowd at the Muharraq Club Stadium in Manama on Monday night, according to the Bahrain-based Gulf Daily News reported posted on its website yesterday.

In a related development, Philippine Football Federation chief Mariano Araneta Jr. said yesterday he was still hopeful the Asian Football Confederation would lift the suspension slapped on team captain and key defender Aly Borromeo and Fil-German midfielder Stefan Schrock, who were banned one game each for earning two yellow cards in the first-round series against Sri Lanka.

"We sent another formal letter to the AFC today appealing the suspensions of Borromeo and Schrock," Araneta said.

The International Football Federation, the sport’s world governing body, had earlier referred a PFF appeal on the issue back to the AFC, which had ruled the penalties of both players be carried into the next round.

Araneta added that Fil-Dutch midfielder Paul Mulders might still be able to play in Kuwait if his injured left foot heals on time.

"We hope Mulders would still be able to play since his presence will help greatly in our match against Kuwait in the away leg," Araneta said.

Although more comfortable as an attacking midfielder, Mulders was reverted to left back by national coach Michael Weiss in the series against Sri Lanka, but is expected to be back at his old post with Fil-Icelander Ray Jonsson.

As in their previous 1-2 loss to the Bahraini booters last Saturday, diminutive co-skipper Chieffy Caligdong scored the lone goal for the Azkals, a header that caught Bahraini goalie Ashraf Al Sebaie off guard, on a cross by Manuel Ott near the end of the first half, the report said.