December 28, 2008

The lost world of Cathrina Capadosa

Sa sini nga gab-e way ko ubrahon...medyo nalang ako e...bukad ko friendster...may gn open ko nga profile sa cpums kag daw may nabasahan ako did2 nga masadya kag nakakadlaw text ko daun sila daisy kag tin2x kag nag tsismis sang bag-o...(mga mahisaon nga kalag nag kadlawanay sang bag-o nga estorya...ahay!)...."wala lang laglaganay sa mga na iguan ha...tnx!

Sang wala nako ka text...nanugunan ako sang akon text ko gd una c CATHRINA CAPADOSA nga mangayo cya sang text messages kay e forward ko tani sa iban para mapuslan man akon AllText20 nga wala buhin...

Apang, ang gn pang forward ya sakon puro love qoutes...

Hambal ko..."anhun ko ni?wala man ko cni sendan...laman ko ya migo!"
Kag nag padayon lang ako sang basa sang mga text nya!
amu ini hu....

When i walk alone, i wish that i can reach the end of the road...But when you walk with me, i wish the road never ends.

Go for someone who is not only proud to have you...but will also take every risk just to be with you.

You yearn for someone not because you want to be complete. But because you want to add more color to your life...That person must not necessarily break through your busy sched...That person must inspire you to manage your time well instead...You see it's not a matter of distance and time...It's more like friendship in a higher level...It's smiling alone every once in a while...Knowing that somewhere, somehow, someone smiles at the thought of YOU.

He holds me when i start to cry. He makes me smile with just hs eyes. We share hopes, dreams and fears. He wipes away all my tears. I love him wothout regret. I just have'nt found him yet.

The most romantic thing in the world is when you have that truly honest moment with the person you love...and you can literally see yourself growing together.

Asta sa ulihi gn textsan ko nalang xa...dala joke!
"Baw!, puros love qoutes gd ba...daw ka obvious gd ni karon kung mu ni send ko cya"

reply nya sakon..."LAGTOK KAH GD! HEHE!BAL-AN MU NGA INLUV KO DAN. tE MU NA MGA QOUTES KO D. (nakita nyo ang word nga Dan?hahaha...)

...nagpadayon xa send sakon sang mga text messages...

I fill so happy coz i meet sum1 lyk u...uv shown me kindness and count me as ur friend. I may not be the best among them but 1thing ill tell you...Im so blessed we're friends

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

If every beat of my heart is caused by pipol hu r important to me...I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping me alive.

Just when you thought everything is falling apart, look again...maybe, just maybe things are actually falling into their right place.

what will you do when faced with 2 choices?
"toss a coin..."
it works not because it settles the question for you, but while the coin is in the air, you suddenlt know what you are hoping.

When no one wants 2 take ur heart, ur too eager 2 giv 8 away...when sum1 is willing and even dying 2 hav 8, u kip it safe and locked...

Gn text ko pa gd xa..."Text yani tanan Cmu?"
Cathrina: nd a...grabe kah man...Heheh...Cnu na Fafa moh haw?
"Bale nag kagat xa sa joke ko.....haaaaaayyy!(tm)

Fall inluv with nurse 4 dey care na ni...tak-an ko!

"Tapos si Daisy 1 hour late reply nya sakon...tapos na kami ya storyahanay ni Tin asta naka lab-ot na kami sa habagat...bag-o lang xa ya nagreply...ndi ko na pag ehambal diri kung anu gn estoryahan namun kay basi may ma pikon...basta reply ko sa iya ang pinaka last gd...GLOBE SI WAPOLZ!hehehehe..."

mu lang 2 a....padayon kita kay cat...

Pipol may destroy ur image. Stain ur personality. But they cant take away ur character. Coz no matter what, u are admired by pipol hu rily know u...

A wasted moment can make u regret so bad...A single mistake can change ur whole life. From then, ull see how the little things u ignore meant everything when they are gone.

Never explain yourself to anyone, bcoz the person who likes u doesnt need it and the person who doesnt like u wont believe it.

Basta mu 2 pang text ni Cathrina Capadosa a...
kabudlay estoryahon ang tawo nga inlove...hahaha....=p

Btw, c cathrina classmate ko ni xa sa CPU, College of Computer Studies, IT dept...
Buddy ko ni xa sa Thesis...ang mahal2x nga thesis...ahay!
basta permi ni xa lost in the wolrd....


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cathski said...

hoi manenay esther! ano ini? buang kah gid..kng alam koh lng. whahahah!