September 26, 2009

Tinuom of Cabatuan

Last year, my friend Janelyn MaeTormon (a resident of Cabatuan) invited the whole “barkada” to visit their place. Her parents were so accommodating for they prepared a dish “Tinuom” for our dinner. And that was my first time to eat that kind of dish.

The ingredients of this Tinuom include marinated native chicken, potatoes seasoned with onions, ginger, tomatoes, lemon grass (tanglad), and wrapped in banana leaves. It usually served with broth that accumulates inside its wrapping following a heavy steaming. And it really tastes good.
But in my own opinion, Tinuom is savored like a “Tinolang Manok”. The only difference is Tinuom is cooked in banana leaves… He-he!

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