June 3, 2010

Israel orders families of diplomats in Turkey

Enjoy these great articles Israel Turkey news and other information Israel Turkey. Come back every day for more update on the latest Israel Turkey! Israel Turkey last updated titles for Israel and Turkey: Israel controls families of diplomats in Turkey The Israeli media said the Foreign Ministry has ordered the families of its diplomats in Turkey to leave this country because of the rumor deadly raid into Israel on a flotilla of navy related aid Gaza.

Gaza raid exposes flaws in the attitude of Turkey towards Israel Turkey is an outpost of the West to the East or a Muslim country with European aspirations? Unloved in most of the EU, Ankara has been doing anything awkward balancing act in his neighborhood, preaching western values in Muslim countries while cultivating close ties with Israel. Learn more about Times Online
Turkey maintains push for sanctions Israel Turkey kept the pressure on the United Nations to sanction Israel for an attack on the Turkish-flagged ship, part of a flotilla of support in trying to reach the Gaza Strip. Turkey called the raid a massacre, but Israel has insisted it was within his rights to defend themselves.

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