April 29, 2011

How to download your FRIENDSTER profile.

You may have moved on to Facebook, but backing up your old Friendster profile has its uses. Begging friends, family members, and even random acquaintances to leave testimonials on your profile took a lot of work, right?

Just like Facebook, Friendster also lets you download your profile information. With The Friendster Exporter, you can save:
  • photos
  • basic info (name, date of birth, gender and ‘about me’ info
  • messages in your Inbox
  • list of your friends
  • list of profiles that you’re ‘a fan of’ list of groups that you’re a member of comments and testimonials
  • shoutout history and comments to your shoutouts
  • virtual gifts in your treasure chest
All Friendster users have to do is visit FRIENDSTER EXPORTER and follow the instructions.

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