June 25, 2011

PRENDSTAH.COM - Filipino-Made Social Networking Site

A Twitter-like landing page. Facebook-featured user home page. A website name that sounds like Friendster. Those where some of the comments that you may heard from yourself or from others when you bump into PrendsTah.com

PrendsTah is a new social networking site, now under Beta testing, which started only this year (domain name was registered only March 2011), perhaps this month or last month only. This “3-in-1″ (combination of Twitter, Facebook and Friendster as I mentioned above) social networking site is being developed by a group of Filipino students specializing in freelance web development. PrendsTah was formerly Zäbyër Community, a Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan online community. Zäbyër Community is exclusive for the students and alumni of the said schools. With the desire to open the said online community to the world, the developers started Prendstah.

Inside the user home page looks like Facebook. You can see that News Feed, Messages, Events, Create Group, and status editing box are present on the said page. You can also see “Get Connected” section at the bottom portion of the site where you can invite and find friends and track your invites. However, these Get Connected functionalities are still under development so I presume you cannot create your network yet.

When you click the Profile link at the top-right portion of the site, you will redirected to your own profile page. From there, you will see just below your profile picture the links for Dashboard, Messages, Bio Data, Photos, Videos, Music, Files, Journals, Friends, Testimonials and Viewers Log. Some of these are not yet available like Files, Journals. With Files link, perhaps you can store your personal file from there while the Journals link seem to me as Notes in Facebook.
Testimonials and Viewers log are two features that, I think, were taken from Friendster. Good thing that the developers considered incorporating the Viewers log feature which we cannot enjoy from Facebook.
PrendsTah has Chat-capability also where you can send instant message to your friends available online. I haven’t tried it yet because I still have no friends in PrendsTah.

For the meantime, these are the things that I can share to you as I experienced using PrendsTah. Since it is currently on Beta testing, as I previously said, some of the features are not yet ready. However, I recommend opening an account with PrensdsTah and be one of its pioneer members. If you are a Filipino, then, for me, you must try this website and be proud because this was and is being developed by Filipinos also. A Philippine-made social networking site which I believe will become successful and someday will reach the top of success in terms of connecting people.

By: Think Like A Beginner

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