July 18, 2011

Did Jennifer Lopez Cheat On Marc Anthony?

By: OfficialMagicPG

Did on on screen romance entice Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to end their marriage? Some say that ‘J-Lo’ hit it off with ‘The Cuban Brad Pitt‘ William Levy on the shoot of her video ‘I’m Into You‘. Hmmm.. coincidence in the name of the song much?

Reps for William Levy told ‘TMZ‘

“The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

Take a look at the Video for Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘I’m Into You‘ and make your own assumption. Sometimes ‘things’ can happen when professionals tend to work with each other for awhile. Bonds are created, secrets are shared and sometimes romances do occur.

Telenovela star, William Levy separated from his wife shortly after the completion of the video as well. Did his wife think something was up? Did William confess to his wife? The world may never know. I’m sure everyone will be on the look out to see if ‘J-Lo‘ and Levy show up anywhere together.

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