July 26, 2011

Ely Buendia died of ruptured aneurysm: NOT TRUE!

A rumor circulated through SMS announcing the death of one of Filipino music legends and Pupils’ lead vocalist, Ely Buendia. The rumor reached the internet via social networks, Twitter and Facebook. The message which says “We Love You Ely.. Ely Buendia pass away, at exactly 12:17am july 26, 2011 due to cardiac arrest bcoz of ruptured aneurysm. He arrived critical in St. Lukes, emergency department, E. Rodriguez Ave. QC. After a Gig party for an advertisement of a bottling company. Pls. Pass to all fans.” quickly upset fans, sending their condolences to his family and friends.

But contrary to what has been spreading, Ely Buendia is still alive. This was confirmed by Ely himself in his Twitter account. “Next time na may magkalat pa na patay na ‘ko di na talaga ‘ko maniniwala.” A message was also posted on the official Facebook website of Pupil, saying that he is still alive.

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