July 1, 2011

The Owl Personality

How the Owl came to be recognized as the symbol of wisdom is anyone's guess, but it probably had a lot to do with the Owl's large searching eyes, with the ability to turn its head 270 degrees; and the nocturnal ability to see well in the darkest of night, while it silently observes its prey before quietly swooping in for the kill! Since, all of the Owls acumens are synonymous with the elements of learning and knowledge, the Owl serves as the perfect emblem for the number 7, which shares the same qualities of solitude and observation as the Owl.

Those who have number 7 birthdays have an Owl personality because they tend to be somewhat quiet and solitary individuals who appear to be lost in thought at times. In most cases this is true, because Owl people are nearly always thinking and analyzing situations looking for answers and resolutions to problems and issues. Their innate power of observation, and the need to learn and understand what goes on around them are the true gifts of the Owl personality, as well as the ability to take time out to rest and relax and enjoy the leisures of life. While these qualities may cause some to think of Owls as nosey, inquisitive, and indolent people, this is far from true, regardless of how their probing questions and slow reactions may come off at times. Owls are economical, deep thinking people and resolving problems is their specialty. For this reason,
many Owls are drawn to fields of study requiring in-depth knowledge and analysis, such as science, research, academia, mechanical, and investigative work. Owls also tend to love the world of nature, and many have adeptness for the outdoors, a natural green thumb, and especially enjoy the rain and being around water, accentuated by the need for cleanliness and purification.

As Owls tend to be intuitive people with an inborn sense of insight and awareness, another area of interest for Owl personalities are the mysteries of life which may lead some to the study of metaphysics and the occult, to tackle the greater questions of life. Owls tend to be very private people who love lots of space, but are not generally reclusive; and enjoy preserving and saving.

Because of their quiet and reserved nature, Owl personalities tend to be somewhat philosophical and refined in manner and taste; but they may also have the tendency to be severely critical, know-it-all perfectionists, witha greater tendency to over-analyze every situation to the point of possibly causing great stress and distress to all around. This is an unfortunate side-effect to their quest for knowledge and information; and although the probing and over-analyzing may get nerve-racking, in the long run, the Owl's sensible solutions and sharp powers of judgment come to be greatly appreciated by all who may benefit from the great wisdom they bring.

The Owl Vibraessence: You are a gifted observer and analyst.

You have an Owl Vibraessence or vibe if you were born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month. An Owl vibe means that you send out a vibration to others of having a quiet and solitary nature with most likely a love of reading, swimming, or other relaxing activities. You tend to be insightful and analytical, and generally know how to fix things, or solve a problem. These are the skills and abilities you are naturally endowed with, as well as a love of nature, the outdoors, and a good mystery; and a tendency to stay up way late at night. You vibrate to the number 7, which can bring you good luck and good vibes when the 7 is in effect. Though you have a keen sense of observation and a certain inquisitiveness, you must be careful not to be overly critical of others,
and to use your sharp powers of judgment not to be judgmental, but to bring awareness to all.

The Owl Omniessence: Your purpose in life is to preserve and resolve.

An Owl Omniessence means that your total birthday numbers add up to the number 7 and you were born on the Day of the Owl. This means your path in life is to use your acute powers of observation, keen vision, and sharp powers of judgment, to analyze situations through knowledge and understanding from experience. You have a down-to-earth naturalness and a deep philosophical approach to life, an may aspire to become an expert or an authority on any particular subject of your choosing, as long as it is in area where you can use your power of thought and mental acuities to repair, restore, or resolve a particular problem or issue. Though
you may want to live a quiet, solitary, and private life, you must remember your goal in life is to bring betterment through the sharing of information, and must not be too critical, judgmental, or anal about perfection as you
make your mark in life.

The Owl Chronoessence: You have had a keen insight since birth.

If your year of birth totals a seven, then you were born in the Year of the Owl. An Owl birth year may bring an element of refinement, yet a quiet and natural essence to your total being, and a keen sense of observation and judgment in life. If you feel inspired to seek knowledge and information on a variety of subjects; love being out in nature and existing in a quiet and solitary environment; or if you seem to know when it's time to take a break, relax and enjoy life; then you have the Owl birth year to partial thank for these wonderful attributes.

The Owl Eppuressence: You aspire to study and investigate.

If your month and year of birth totals a 7, then your goal in life may be to seek the power of knowledge and wisdom in an effort to help right wrongs through the use of insight and good judgment. As the eppuressence is sort of a hidden aspect of yourself, no one else may know that you may also aspire to understand the secret mysteries of life, and may seek the answers to some of life's more difficult questions. Since you have a keen sense of observation and insight, this may be the ticket to achieving your objective.

The Pros & Cons of the Owl ~ additional timing keywords.

Observation, preservation, knowledge, study, research, investigate, analyze,
examine, save, conservation, down-to-earth, relaxing, restful, philosophical,
repair, nature, water, rain, cleanse, purification, sabbatical, vacation, insight,
mystery, green thumb, intuitive, perfectionist, quiet, thrifty

Critical, sarcastic, acerbic, scheming, fault-finding, lazy, indolence, slow-witted,
nonchalant, over-analytical, reclusive, private, abrasive, know-it-all, hermit,
secretive, mysterious, probing, nosey, inquisitive, insensitive, aloof, calculating

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