July 23, 2011

The Philippine Azkals Defeated by Kuwait, 3-0, in Their First Match

Truly, the Philippine Azkals are the underdogs. Kuwait is just too tough for them, especially in the second half. The defense was awesome that the Azkals had a hard time controlling the ball. Their passes were mostly deflected by the Al-Azraq defenders.

Three goals against none is just an enough reason the Azkals really had a hard time against Kuwait in front of 5000 Filipino fans. However, they still have another chance in their second match on July 28 here in the Philippines.

Yousef Naser scored Kuwait’s lone goal in the 17th of the first half after 2 missed chances by the Azkals.

The second half became tougher. The game went more physical. The Philippine Azkals could not just contend with Al-Azraq’s solid defense, awesome attacks and good ball positioning. Kuwait again scored in the second half courtesy of Mesad Nasa and Fahed El-Ibrahim.

But things are not over yet for the Philippine Azkals. They only needed to on top by four or more in the second leg to qualify for the third round.

This is so far the furthest and highest achievement of the country in the field of football.

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