August 3, 2009

First Climb at Mt. Napulak: Indescribable

Mt. Napulak in Igbaras stands 1,200 feet above sea level. The peak of Napulak is shaped like a breast of a woman, which is why mountaineers called it “NIPPLE PEAK”.
The peak is open in 360 degrees view; you can see the panoramic view of the lowlands.

It was August 18 of the year 2007 when we started our adventure in Napulak. It was raining in that season, and the trail was muddy. That time, I was just an applicant of CPUMS and they organized this climb for our “Frist Minor Climb”.

JM Delgado was our Team Leader (CPUMS President 2007), then the other members were Michael Greg Manlapao, Hazel John Amoyan, Dara Rose Barcelona (Alumni), Bernadeth Cornelia (Alumni), Emer Rafols (Old Applicant).

And my fellow applicants were; Meil Isbon Mangana, Jeyan Chin, Arnold Toledo, Christobelle Imalay, JB Camfair Tina, Ritchiel Catherine Magno, and Shane Delgado.

It’s about 8:30 AM when we arrived at Brgy. Tigbanaba and started trekking with our guide “Tay Morot”, a locals from Brgy. Igcabugao. Ten minutes after, I felt already exhausted and stopped for a while. That was my first ever “take five”.

“To, Layo pa?” I asked Toto (Hazel), and he replied grinning at me…”Mga 8 hours pa Ter…haha…push lang ah!”

Exactly 5:00PM, the Lead and Body Team reached the Peak. It was raining and extremely cold up there. We pitched our tents in the campsite, and it’s really difficult to pitch tent while raining.

I can’t explain how I feel when I reached a top of a mountain. I’m so proud of myself for conquering Mt. Napulak.

Punishing heat, throbbing backs and tiring foot had fade away when we reached the peak of Mt. Napulak.

On the next day, after our breakfast, we climbed up the peak “nipple peak”, and did picture taking. After enjoying the nature, we started again our journey back to the lowlands of Igbaras.

Going back home with the experience up in the summit of Mt Napulak is such a triumph especially for us (the applicants).


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