August 3, 2009

Second Climb at Mt. Taripis

It was September 15, 2007 when I reached the peak of Mt. Taripis, and it was my second climb with CPUMS. Some Iloilo Mountaineering Club Inc. persons were there too, but on that day, they were planning to explore Mt. Lobok.

9:30AM >>> when we arrived at the last barangay of Igbaras, Brgy. Igcabugao. This barangay is the jump-off path going to Mt. Taripis.

12:00PM >>> we had our lunched at Tay Morot’s house, our guide when we climbed at Napulak last August 2007.

1:00PM >>> when we leaved the house and headed to Taripis.

4:00PM >>> at the SUMMIT!

5:00PM >>> going back to Tay Morot’s house. We did not set up our tents, because of the heavy rains.

6:00PM >>> we prepared our dinner, ate our dinner, socials.

LIGHTS OFF>>> Tay Morot let us slept inside his house with the IMC.

More Pictures here (With Mt. Lobok Climb)

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