September 13, 2009

Wild Tips

By: Mambubukid

Trekking into the wilderness requires a number of techniques. For a new a new wilderness ethic. personal safety should be assured by mental and emotional preparedness( which include presence of mind and lots of common sense) plus the physical conditioning, if only not to become a liability to your group.

Know your route and area. Respect local customs. follow the basic principles of back packing, rivercroosing and rock climbing, know the basic first-aid, navigation and minimum-impact-camping.

Trek gently into comfortable and safe footwear to minimize adverse impact to fragile terrain. Try to remain on the trail to minimize widening, destruction of vegetation and erosion. used established campsite at least 100 ft away from the natural water source to avoid contamination. Cary down all trash and pick-up litter along the way to be disposed off properly

Used catholes/established latrines. water sources should be protected at all cost from contamination. Brushing teeth, washing with soap should be done at least 100ft away from water.

Avoid campfires, lessens probability of Forrest fires, wont damage Forrest floor and is decidedly more convenient.campfire-less evenings could reveal interesting sights and sounds usually concealed by fire's glow. Avoid smoking on the trail. This should minimize the treat of Forrest fires better yet avoid it altogether-good lungs should be the reason enough.

Drink spirits moderately, be considerate of other campers. Keep your expedition group small-medium size to lessen site impact. give nature back its due by helping protect it, becoming involved, joining environmental and outdoor organization and sharing these minimum impact techniques with your friends and associates.

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