October 4, 2009

How to kill your boredom in the Fastfood restaurant while you are waiting for someone.

Fast-food restaurants are just everywhere, and people’s favorite place for meeting someone. But of course you need to order something while waiting for somebody. Sometimes I bring laptop which I usually borrowed from a friend (since I don’t have personal laptop, can’t afford that stuff… Hehe), and then I will access in the free wi-fi service of the fast-food restaurant. And after a few minutes… “Prepating to Hibernate….” simply means you are “low bat”.

Most of the time, the long waits is so freakin’ boring. And the liars will just keep texting you… “I’m on the way, just stay there and wait for me…” in fact, they just got finished their bathe. This is true. Because I do that sometimes. :p

Well, in order to kill your boredom while waiting, here are some things that could really help you. He-he.
  1. Forward text messages; don’t send it via contact list. Use “send too many” so that you will keep busy scanning your contacts. And then if someone replies you, start annoying that person.
  2. Turn your i-pod (or MP3, MP4, cellphone) into full volume. If it low bats, just put the headset in your ear, and act as if you are enjoying the music and you don’t hear anything.
  3. Make an ice barbecue. Place all the remaining ice tubes on the straw, hang it between cups, and watch until it melts.
  4. Straw Pop. Trap the air at the center of the straw by rolling both ends and let your self pop it.
  5. The best of all… Play the leftovers. Just like the pictures below. I really love these pictures. Maybe I should try this one. Hahaha.

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