July 10, 2011

Mark to Andi’s ex: Leave my daughter alone


Mark Gil was a picture of a pained father when he finally broke his silence over daughter Andi Eigenmann’s pregnancy in an interview with Boy Abunda on “The Buzz” on Sunday, July 10.

“You’re barking at the wrong tree, we’re harmless people. Just leave my daughter alone and shut up. Shut up, that’s enough,” Mark addressed the unnamed father of Andi’s baby.

'Caused so much harm'

Tears welling in his eyes, Mark further told the guy: “You’ve caused so much harm already and we’re not even considering it as harm. We’re considering it as the most beautiful life (referring to the baby).”

He is not asking any support from Andi’s ex-boyfriend, but hopes that he face the truth and own up to the situation.

“Panindigan mo ‘yun. Kunsyensya. We’re not asking anything from you, boy. I just hope your parents teach you well. And this is my question, do you have parents? What kind of parents do you have? Nanggugulpi ka ng bata, ng babae. Hindi ka man lang ba pinangaralan? Tapos ngayon papalabasin nyo pa na we’re happy and we’re willing to have our DNA test. Come, on. That’s enough insult.”

Mark mentioned Formspring, a social networking site, which a former boyfriend of Andi, young actor Albie Casino, used extensively in interacting with fans. He had since discontinued his account.

Mark's son, Gabby, revealed details of a Formspring account touching on Andi.

“Sya nagsabi, Dad, ginugulpi, nagulpi, si Andi. Maraming issue na sinabihan din ako na basahin sa Internet yung FS (Formspring). My wife Maricar made me read a lot of this about this person. This boy has a problem. He has a very big problem. He’s so young,” Mark said.

He felt deceived that a guy he accepted into his home can hurt his daughter so. Mark even said that Andi’s ex-boyfriend was like family to them, that he joined their family gatherings. “Itong taong ito ang pangit ng ugali, I feel deceived. Kase nung gulpihan issue, nung sinampal-sampal daw sya, tapos meron din daw nangyari sa Greenbelt, in public pa raw. This is my daughter, wag naman. Wag naman. (She’s) not just my daughter, she’s Andi Eigenmann. Si Agua Bendita. That’s a star, my daughter,” Mark added.


He thinks Andi’s ex-boyfriend has a lot of issues and is brimming with anger.

“Bastos, sobra. My daughter doesn’t deserve this,” Mark said. He even tried – but failed – to reach out to the ex-boyfriend to discuss the physical abuse issue.

Another issue that hurt him and his family, Mark said, centers on aborting the baby.

“Kalimutan na natin yung gulpi, kalimutan na natin yung lahat. Hindi pa ito. Meron pa akong alam, pinainom pa ng abortive pills. There’s too much details of it. But I don’t wanna tackle it. Kalimutan na natin yung first issue na gulpi,” Mark said.

He declared that if the father doesn’t want the baby, then he can’t have it, as they will support the infant and Andi anyway.

Mark also felt bad about how the ex-boyfriend is accusing Andi of being a playgirl.

“Yung buntis, at hindi mo aaminin at hindi mo pa haharapin at papalabasin mo pa na playgirl ang anak ko. This Formspring thing, come on, stop it. Don’t do this to my daughter, don’t do this to us.”

Mark hopes the parents of Andi’s ex-boyfriend teach him some lessons.

“Marami akong sana, sana na kainin mo ang computer mo. At turuan mo ang nanay mo. At yung tatay mo na magsalita na rin at turuan ka ng mabuting leksyon. Ito rin ang sinabi sa akin ng tatay ko nung nag-uusap kami eh, yun din ang sinabi ko eh. ‘Wala bang magulang ang batang ito? What is it all about? Showbizness? You’re building him up as a breadwinner? What?” Mark said.

By way of advice to the baby’s unnamed father, Mark shared that he faced his responsibilities the first time he became a dad at 16.


The entire family, he further declared, stands solid behind Andi. Therefore, she doesn’t need the baby’s biological father at all.

“Hindi na namin kelangan ng ama sa anak ni Andi kase ang dami nyang tatay. Ako, the whole Eigenmann clan and all sa mother’s side, sa mommy side nya. Madaming ama ang anak nya. Hindi naman kelangan,” Mark said.

Mark also recalled how he first learned about Andi’s pregnancy.

“She (Jaclyn Jose, Andi’s mom) was trying to tell me na merong nangyayari sa buhay ni Andi. Ako naman, wala akong alam. Sabi ko, ‘bakit? Sila pa rin ba?’ Nanggugulpi pa ba? `Hindi, there’s something more to it,’ (Jaclyn answered).”

“Sabi ko, ano? Nararamdaman ko ‘yun eh. Alright, no problem.”

Upon learning of Andi’s pregnancy, Mark shared that he and Jaclyn talked about their daughter’s welfare and agreed they will support whatever her decision is.

“Let’s put aside our reaction. What is important is we have the reasons first. Ano ang gusto ni Andi? Hindi masusunod kung ano ang gusto ko, kung ano ang gusto mo, natin. Ano ang kay Andi?,” Mark said.

He also recalled the time he talked to Andi about her ordeal.

“I asked her, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Yes, dad, I’m fine,’” Mark quoted Andi as saying.

They’re not worried about Andi’s career as they believe doors will remain open for her when she makes a comeback.


Can he forgive the father of Andi’s baby?

“Of course. Basta sincere. We’re not hateful people. I just want to make this clear, Andi’s pregnancy is not all that bad, it’s actually a beautiful thing.”

But he hopes the guy will muster enough courage to ask for forgiveness. “I was hoping he would be such a person who would say sorry lang, you know, sa panggugulpi. All I just wanted is (for him) to say sorry. That’s all and everything will be okay,” Mark said.

Even if Jake Ejercito – along with Albie – are being touted as the father of Andi’s baby, Mark made it clear Joseph Estrada and Laarni Enriquez’s son is not the `culprit.’

In fact, Mark adds that Jake has even been very supportive of Andi, who is expecting a girl in November.

Mark ended the interview with a touching message for Andi.

“You’ always be my princess. I love you and I will always be there.”

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