September 22, 2009

Inbox #3

The names below each text messages were just my friends (senders). They were not the author of the quotes.

A lesson learbed from Lupin III: If you wanna end up with the right person, you've got to make it happen. The best people are always taken. If you don't steal them, you won't have them

Morning is a wonderful blessing either stormy or sunny. It stands for hope... giving us another start of what we call LIFE.

A wasted moment can make you regret so bad. A single mistake can change your whole life. From then, you'll see how the little things you ignore meant everything when they're gone.

Fake friends: hindi humihingi ng pagkain.
Real friends: palagi umuubos ng pagkain.
Ff: bail you out to jail.
Rf: sit next to you saying "we messed up, pero ang saya!"
Ff: kakatok pa sa pinto ng bahay mo.
Rf: derechu papasok ng bahay.
Ff: will talk shit behind your back at ipagkakalat pa.
Rf: Sasapakin ang mga traidor sayo.

You cannot protect two things at the same time. If you don't make a decision, you will lose BOTH.

Nothing dries sooner than tears. Life can never promise to be always happy, but life gets better after you accept things you can't change.

Try to live life with the least I'M SORRYs. That means thinking before saying or doing anything. Its always better not to hurt anyone than apologize after you've hurt them.

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