September 22, 2009

Inbox #4

The names below each text messages were just my friends (senders). They were not the author of the quotes.

When you stumble, pick yourself up. Never wait for someone to tap you and get you back to life. After all, you were born alone, single and strong.

When love is your greatest weakness, you will be the strongest person in the world. (Reader's Digest)

A qoute from Jim Carrey: I hope everybody should get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so that they will know that its not the answer for everything.

Nothing in life makes us grow more than the way we respond to challenges. So don't be afraid to encounter risks for it is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

When we are in a deep trials, sometimes we want to give up and not to move on. But God said "I am bigger than your problem. Rise up and move on. I will lift you up".

Don't miss the chances that life is giving you to spend with people you love. Remember, when it comes to life, there are no rewinds.

God never gives a burden heavier than we can carry. No matter what, He wants us to be more happy than sad. If birds sing after a storm, why can't we?

If every beat of my heart is caused by people who are dear to me... I just want to say, "thank you for keeping me alive."

A sweet line from Jesus: I've come to you not to make you love me, but rather to make you realize that you're worth loving

Never get discourage when things do not measure to your expectation. Always remember that the greatest glory in life is not winning, but rising every time we fall.

Trials don't come to make us fall. But for us to look for God and call. Trials don't serve as key to hate. But rather doors to a greater faith.

When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy and glad. God is answering that person's prayer through you. Be a blessing and be blessed.

When God controls our lives , He can transform mistake into success, pride into humility and sufferings into strength. That's the amazing power of God.

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